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SIFER Card Programming Station


The SIFER Card Programming Station is an installer tool featuring a USB connected SIFER programming head, which is used in conjunction with the accompanying SIFER Card Programming Software. This system allows SIFER “User Programmable” cards, known as SIFER-U cards to be encoded with customised site codes and encryption keys by the installer. The programming station is also used to create the SIFER Reader Configuration Card which is necessary to configure SIFER readers to decrypt the sites unique encryption key.

SIFER-U cards are available as ISO style cards or FOBS and are readily available from Inner Range distributors. Before leaving the Inner Range factory each SIFER-U cards is pre-programmed, with a standard encryption key, site code and unique card number. This allows SIFER-U cards to be used in the field as they are, or they can be encoded to the installer’s requirements using the SIFER Programming Station.

SIFER Card Programming Station
Module Features:

The SIFER Programmer allows the installer to encode card details of their own choosing, and the following aspects can be changed:

  • Site Code

  • Encryption Key (32 HEX Digits)

It is also possible to change the card number, however this is usually

unnecessary as every SIFER-U card already carries a unique card number which is etched onto the card. If a SIFER-U cards standard site code or card number are to be changed, the default encryption key must also be changed. 

Encoding Parameters

  • Site Codes: Between 1 – 16.7 million (16,777,215) (some site codes are reserved for Inner Range use)

  • Encryption Key: Specified 32 digit hexadecimal string or automatically

  • generated by the Card Programming Software

  • Card Numbers: Between 1– 4.3 billion (4,294,967,295)

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