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Securing Retail

From single-store small business ventures, to billion dollar multi-tenanted shopping centres, Inner Range systems are the perfect solution for protecting and managing retail environments.

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Brick and mortar retailers face an extremely challenging business environment with hyper competition from online retailers and a range of diverse challenges.

Challenges faced by Retailers

Prevention of theft,
shoplifting and burglary
Ensuring the safety of Customers and Staff
Maximising the profitability of expensive retail spaces
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An Inner Range Access Control system ensures that only authorised staff are permitted in restricted areas such as stock warehouses and administration spaces, while customers are free to browse in showroom areas. Additionally, staff can have access to restricted areas only during time periods when they have a valid reason to enter secured spaces.

Inner Range Intrusion Detection systems provide

retail managers peace of mind that their retail locations are fully secured outside trading hours with high security, redundant back-to-base monitoring, plus integrated video and alarm information pushed to delegated staff’s mobile devices.

Prevention of Theft, Shoplifting and Burglary

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Retail environments suffer challenges from violent and abusive customers, while high value retail outlets such as jewellery stores or designer clothes outlets suffer the very real risk robbery by armed offenders.

The Inner Range Enterprise Platform offers comprehensive fixed and mobile duress solutions, whereby management or security guards can immediately be notified when a dangerous situation occurs. In addition, Integriti integrates with Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) which send duress and location information that can generate alarms to notify relevant stakeholders with locations displayed on Integriti’s floor plan (Schematic) application.

Safety of Staff and Customers

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Large shopping centres often require guards to patrol the facilities both during and after business hours. Integriti’s guard tour functionality ensures guards present credentials at various locations to ensure the patrols are being undertaken; additionally alarms can be raised if guards do not present within a given time period. Integriti has native functionality to handle the challenges of managing hundreds of contractors who require access to retail premises. In addition to its native functionality, Integriti also integrates with dedicated contractor management systems. These systems ensure contractors are provided temporary access credentials, and have complied with onsite health and safety protocols.

Contractor Management

+Guard tour

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Integriti systems seamlessly integrate with Video Management Systems and Analytics engines that can provide sophisticated retail optimisation solutions. These include people counting, heat maps to track the spaces where customers spend time and xyz. Additional facial recognition systems can also be used to identify VIP customers queuing bottle necks.

Maximising the profitability of expensive retail spaces

Retail Organisations that trust Inner Range