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The Ultimate Encrypted
High Security Solution

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Our High Security System consists of a suite of products which, together, provide all the elements necessary to meet the stringent requirements set out by the AS/NZS 2201.1:2007 Class 5 standard.

The High Security range of products has been designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the Class 5 standard for security solutions. The High Security platforms include Controllers, Input Expansion Modules, End of Line Modules, Keypads, Card Readers, Power Supplies, Equipment Enclosures, Alarm Transmission Devices and Equipment Power Isolation Kits. 


The system’s modular design provides scope for expansion while also boasting a hybrid architecture. The hybrid architecture supports both high-security zones and lower-security areas at the same facility at the same time. By ensuring that budget allocations are made for zones only where necessary, the end result is a single, holistic and affordable security solution for the entire organisation.


Expansion of the system is achieved by installing additional encrypted modules to the Controller’s RS-485 LAN or adding additional Controllers to the system. The entire platform, including multiple Controllers, can be managed from the Enterprise software.

Inner Range provides a complete end-to-end, High-Security solution for installations with all the power and flexibility expected from an integrated solution.

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High Security is a modular system that effortlessly scales with the addition of RS-485 LAN modules. Communication between the Controller, Expanders, Keypads, and SIFER Card Reader (including fob/card credentials) are all encrypted to AES 128-bit with MAC authentication.


Data encryption ensures secure LAN communications at all times, while the programmable supervisory polling system continuously monitors the LAN to detect cable tamper, cable fault conditions, module off-line and module substitution. The efficient data format used has been developed to ensure fast, secure and reliable communication regardless of the size of the system.

High Security End of Line Modules (ELMs) are designed to be installed within a detection device such as a PIR or Reed sensor switch. In conjunction with the encrypted expander, ELMs provide an encrypted data communication link between the detector and the control equipment. During normal operation, the supervisory polling system continuously monitors ELMs to detect any communication failure, device substitution or tamper conditions.

Encrypted Communications

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The High-Security system is equipped with the award-winning Multipath-IP T4000 Security Communicator. The T4000 provides high security and polled connection to the monitoring station for alarm reporting. All communications are encrypted to AES 128-bit and polling intervals can be as frequent as 10 seconds. Should a poll fail to be delivered within the allocated time, the T4000 intelligently tries to re-establish connection and, if available, will attempt to route the connection through another gateway, i.e. switching from on-site Internet to 4G LTE. If a failed connection cannot be re-established within a pre-determined time, an alarm will be raised within the monitoring station. Multipath-IP T4000 has been independently certified to Australian standard AS2201.5 Class 5


Inner Range is proud to state that we are the FIRST electronic security manufacturer to gain independent

CLASS 5 CERTIFICATION by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL).

Independently Certified

In this standard, the risk profile of an intruder alarm system is determined by conducting a risk assessment based on the likelihood, and consequences of, an attack.


A Class 5 risk profile is proposed when:

  1. The consequences of the attack may be ‘Catastrophic’ regardless of the likelihood of an attack.

  2. The likelihood of an attack is ‘Likely’ or ‘Very likely’ and the consequences are ‘Major’ or ‘Catastrophic’.

NDAA Statement

NDAA Statement

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