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Securing Residential & Commercial High-Rises

Managers of Residential and Commercial High-Rise buildings are required to keep their facilities safe and secure whilst giving their residents, tenants and their visitors the most convenient access to their buildings as possible.

Inner Range provides the perfect solution to centrally manage a wide array of complex subsystems from a single software interface.

High rise buildings

Securing commercial and residential High-Rise buildings has never been easier. Inner Ranges provides a seamless experience for residents, tenants and their visitors when accessing a wide range of the building’s facilities such as apartments, offices, carparks, gyms, elevators, lockers and any other secure areas.”

Challenges faced by High-Rise Buildings

Central Management of all facilities from a single software interface
Video Intercom and Lift/Elevator Control
Improving concierge responsiveness with Video Surveillance Integration
Security system

Inner Range’s Enterprise technology platform Integriti, seamlessly manages all user access in high-rise complexes. Integriti’s distinctive access control features ensure access to common areas such as foyers, lifts, gymnasiums, pools, carparks, etc. are managed securely. Additionally, Integriti manages the access permissions for other building systems such as Wireless Access Room Key Systems and Locker Management systems. Car park access can be controlled via traditional credentials or via License Plate Recognition to provide a frictionless experience for guests.

Central Management of all facilities from a single software interface

Lock system

Video intercoms, which allow tenants to grant access to visitors, are a core technology in high-rise buildings. Inner Range integrates with a wide variety of Video intercom systems so that when a resident grants access, when access is granted external doors can be opened, lights switched on in the foyer and the elevator is dispatched to the ground floor.


Inner Range delivers sophisticated lift/elevator control, whereby lifts can be sent to the ground floor when a visitor or tenant is granted access into the building. The software then allows access to the designated floors where the tenant or visitor is permitted.

Video Intercom and Lift/Elevator

Man and woman in the lobby

As well as controlling all the high-rise building access control sub-systems, building managers or concierge staff can also monitor video surveillance images within our software. When a guest enters the building, images from that camera covering the specific entry door can be displayed and monitored. Freight and courier deliveries can also be verified by video, and access can be granted from the concierge desk.

Improving concierge responsiveness with Video Surveillance Integration

Organisations that trust Inner Range

Empowering Residential & Commercial High-Rise

Access Control

Allowing the approved persons to be in the places that they need to complete their job is critical. But even more critical is preventing unapproved persons from accessing secure areas. This protects the people and assets of the organization and can also reduce other costs such as insurance. By Integrating with other building systems such as HVAC, lighting, audio, and others provides better physical security and can also reduce the utility costs such as electrical and heating.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Integration

Video integration provides the ability to use LPR as a credential for gaining access to the facility. Associating the vehicle license plate to the users profile allows the system to open the carparking gates upon approach providing contactless entry to the premises. Many LPR solutions have already been integrated into the platform providing facility managers with a wide range of choices to best suit the application.

Facial Recognition Integration

Access to an area is controlled by what you have (card or other physical identification), what you know (code) and who you are (biometric identifier). Integration with a video surveillance system allows the analytics to be integrated with the access control application to provide the Who You Are component of access control. This identification of a person by a camera, as well as the credential that the person holds or knows, can assist in assuring that the correct people are in the proper area. The identification of an individual through the cameras analytics can be used as the credential to allow a person entrance to a building or area.

Intercom Integration

Security & Access Control systems are often installed in conjunction with Intercom systems and it is of paramount importance that these systems are able to operate harmoniously together to create an exemplary end-user experience. Inner Range’s interconnected technology platform allows for Security Personnel to easily monitor, manage, and control all intercom events from a single graphical interface.

Wireless Locking Integration

By integrating a Wireless Access Control solution, system operators can manage all system users through one software interface and do not need to manage multiple user databases across multiple systems. Synchronisation of users and access permissions through a single interface allows the management of the Wireless Access Controlled doors and the standard Access Controlled doors simultaneously – mitigating the requirement to manage multiple platforms

Video Surveillance Integration

Utilising the Enterprise Integriti platform, system operators are able to visually verify alarm events in real-time, using video feeds from an interconnected Video Surveillance platform. Security Personnel are able to view, control and customize Video layouts all within one centrally managed system, while monitoring other access control or alarm events within the same graphical interface.

Locker Integration

Inner Range’s integration provides a synchronised user database providing seamless user management for KeyLocker systems. All user information is managed by Inner Range’s management software meaning that System Operators do not need to maintain two separate databases. Additionally, powerful reporting tools can be utilised to develop reports specifically relating to KeyLocker events, giving system owners full awareness of which users are trying to access which Key/KeyLocker.

Professional Solutions Brochure

Professional Solutions Brochure

Securing Residential & Commercial High Rise Brochure

Securing Residential & Commercial High Rise Brochure

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