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Securing Critical Infrastructure

Inner Range systems are used around the globe to protect critical Electricity, Water and Gas utilities. These networks face diverse threats from vandalism, theft and terrorism with any loss or downtime of this infrastructure having a catastrophic effect on a nation’s economy and wellbeing.

Cranes and a building

Facing serious risks such unauthorised entry and assaults against staff, Healthcare facilities require a security system that can ensure the safety of its patients and staff as well as providing the public access required to effectively deliver its services.

Challenges faced by Critical Infrastructure Operators

Protecting High Value Assets
Staff and Contractor Safety
Centralised Management of a complex network of sites

Inner Ranger provides advanced offers advanced intruder alarm functionality that scales across thousands of locations and delivers sophisticated integration with electric fences, beams and other perimeter detection devices. Our advanced Multipath IP communication platform uses the internet and the 4G cellular network to efficiently communicate encrypted alarm messages to monitoring centres across the globe ensuring that appropriate actions can be taken by first responders.

State of the art Access Control functionality ensures that only authorised staff are permitted in restricted areas only during time periods where they have a valid reason to enter secured spaces.

Protecting High Value Assets Intruder Alarm and Access Control

Construction workers

Critical Infrastructure often requires staff and contractors to sometimes attend remote and dangerous sites. To assist with staff and contractor safety, Duress alarms can be raised from fixed or mobile duress systems. Inner Range also integrates with Lone worker systems that include man-down and personal tracking functionality. When a duress alarm is raised, Guards, Staff and other stakeholders can be immediately notified through the Communicator messaging applications which will broadcast SMS and email.

Staff and Contractor


Working engineer

Critical infrastructure applications often require the coordination of a diverse array of sub-systems. These include building management integration (via Modbus/Bacnet/KNX), Video Surveillance, intercom and key locking systems. Inner Range’s Enterprise building management solutions is the perfect platform to deliver this information in a user-friendly and actionable format.

Centralised management of a complex network of sites – Sub stations

Critical Infrastructure sites that trust Inner Range

Inner Range Secures Critical Infrastructure

Intruder Detection

Notifying the correct authorities of unwanted persons in an area or on a property in an appropriate timeframe helps prevent loss. Escalation of specific events to the correct responder allows them to make better decisions for resolving the issue. Providing up to 14 levels of response to various alarm scenarios. The events that occur when an intruder attempts to gain access to a controlled area may need to be handled in unique ways. By providing standard operating procedures for each type of event, responders can mitigate risks and liability.

Electric Fence Integration

Whether the protected area is an open expanse or just a small building, the use of fencing helps delay intrusion. Adding to that, electrification of that fence adds deterrence but requires monitoring of the entire length as the liability can be high. Inner Range monitors the various zones and gates, detects disruption in that system, and alerts the property manager of those events. These features allow the owner to better defend the property and prevent unwanted intrusion and damage.

RTLS Integration

Real-Time Location Systems are commonly deployed in high-security situations, and allow Security Operators to maintain accurate status and location of Security Personnel in real-time. The RTLS integration with the Enterprise Platform Integriti, allows for status updates and location monitoring via the same graphical interface as every other aspect of the system (including integrated Video Surveillance, Intercoms, etc.). While increasing the security and safety of staff, this integration improves the situational awareness of Security Personnel in high security situations.

Access Control

Allowing the approved persons to be in the places that they need to complete their job is critical. But even more critical is preventing unapproved persons from accessing secure areas. This protects the people and assets of the organization and can also reduce other costs such as insurance. By Integrating with other building systems such as HVAC, lighting, audio, and others provides better physical security and can also reduce the utility costs such as electrical and heating.

Video Surveillance Integration

Utilising the Enterprise Integriti platform, system operators are able to visually verify alarm events in real-time, using video feeds from an interconnected Video Surveillance platform. Security Personnel are able to view, control and customize Video layouts all within one centrally managed system while monitoring other access control or alarm events within the same graphical interface.

Duress Alarms

Duress alarms are a critical component of Hospitals and Healthcare facilities to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both staff and patients on site. It is vital that in duress alarms are reported to a responding authority, facility management and other staff ensuring that appropriate responses are activated. These alarms may be a push button underneath the desk of a reception, patients room, call points, nursing stations or a wireless wearable duress alarm transmitter. Regardless of the location of the button, these systems trigger immediate notification of an event to first responders to assist the person in need.

Professional Solutions Brochure

Professional Solutions Brochure

Securing Critical Infrastructure Brochure

Securing Critical Infrastructure Brochure

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