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Secure and Online, all the Time


Multipath IP is designed to avoid any connection interruption ensuring your critical alarms reach your monitoring station or smartphone ensuring your critical alarms are never missed.

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We build technology that is designed to protect what matters to you most.

What We Do

House and backyard

Using 4G cellular networks and your fixed line internet connection, Multipath IP is ‘always-on’ providing constant protection for your family and assets.

Built-in smart features including apps for your smartphone and wearables ensure you won't miss important events while also providing convenient remote control for your system when you're out and about.

Residential Security

What We Do

The Multipath IP product suite has consistently been at the forefront of the market and can claim many market firsts in its field. Some achievements include alarm monitoring via Dual SIM plus IP networks, remote management software, built-in IP router technology and fully featured smartphone apps.

Why Multipath IP?


Security is our specialty. The Multipath IP network provides our customers the highest levels of security using encrypted communications end-to-end from the remote site through to our central monitoring centre partners.


The Multipath IP network consistently exceeds 99.95% uptime. The outstanding reliability and performance of the Multipath IP network is achieved using Tier 1 telecommunication network providers and the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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Multipath IP incorporates the latest technology available to help you work smarter, not harder. Our products have been carefully designed for installers and end-users alike ensuring we deliver the very best product experience on the market.

Future proof

Technology is ever changing at an increasingly rapid pace. With Multipath IP you will always have piece of mind that your investment will stand the test of time. Technology is our passion and we are here to help you and your business get all the benefits of the newest technology available.

Multipath IP provides secure alarm communications for both new and existing alarm systems. The T4000 Communicator offers simple connection methods allowing easy upgrade of dialler based alarm systems or modern ‘high level’ connections for more advanced features such as smartphone control.

Once connected to your alarm system the T4000 handles the rest providing secure ‘always-on’ communications to your monitoring centre of choice plus optional remote control and remote programming capabilities.

How Does It Work?

Multipath IP System

Want to know more or to book a demo? Feel free to ask!

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