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Securing Education

Schools and Universities are becoming larger, more populated, and are most of the time easily accessible.

Inner Range systems are the perfect solution for protecting and managing small and large institutions.

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Universities have evolved from simply a precinct full of lecture theatres into complex “cities within cities” focussing on collaborative learning, innovation and research. These institutions must be open and welcoming environments for students and staff; however, they face complex security risks ranging from Active Shooters to highly organised demonstrations.

These environments demand a wholistic security management system that can deliver enterprise grade security functionality as well as provide comprehensive integrations with Intelligent Building Systems and Education Software.

Challenges faced by Education

Centralised Management Of Multiple Systems
Student Staff and Safety
Incident Management
Student Verification at Exams
CCTV operator

University security management centres require management of real-time information from multiple Intelligent security systems. These include Intruder Detection, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intercoms, Duress systems, and BMS amongst others. Integriti software is the perfect platform to deliver this information in a user friendly and actionable format.

Inner Range software can manage and prioritise this vast amount of information in real-time and provide integrations with other University IT systems. Integrations with Student Databases and Student Management systems mean that student enrolment and provision of access cards can be completed from dedicated enrolment software and automatically updated into the Integriti access system.

Centralised Management Of Multiple Systems

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Inner Range ensures that only authorised staff and students are permitted in restricted areas, whilst being free to access common areas.

Access credentials can be integrated into the Universitoties own smart phone App and integration with Tmetable managements sytems mean that students can only access lecture theatres when they have a scheduled class.

Student residence halls, which often use a dedicated wireless access control system, can also be fully administered from the Integriti software via Integriti’s integrations with a large range of leading wireless access control systems.

Students and Staff Safety – Managing Access

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In the unfortunate case of a serious security event occurring, Inner Range forms a critical part of management and containment of serious incidents.

In an Active Shooter scenario Inner Range has a comprehensive set of door lockdown features that can assist in containing threats to specific areas. Lockdowns can be triggered from controls within Integriti software, hardwired controls, or other software systems. Groups of doors that are placed in Lockdown will only be accessible by a special class of users such as first responders and security guards. With integrations to gunfire identification analytics engines that immediately notify stakeholders of an incident even before staff or student have reported an issue.

Incident Management –Active Shooter

A press to talk button

Duress alarms can be raised from onsite help stations, university smart phone apps, or security guards equipped with mobile duress systems. When a duress alarm is raised, guards, staff and other stakeholders can be immediately notified through the Inner Range messaging application – Communicator-- which will broadcast texts and emails.

Video surveillance integration can provide control rooms with immediate access to live and recorded video associated with the Duress Alarm displayed on a schematic map which shows the exact location of the incident.

Inner Range also offers guard and welfare check functionality so that a student’s status within onsite accommodation can be checked and confirmed.

Student and Staff Safety - Localised Duress and Welfare checks

Mall security

The innovative mobile reader application confirms students’ identities at exam entry points. This application allows university administrators to ensure that the photograph on the student card presented at the exam entrance is that of the individual actually taking the exam.

Identity checks at examinations

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Universities require the services of hundreds of independent contractors who require access to university facilities. In addition to its native functionality Inner Rage also seamlessly integrates with dedicated contractor management systems. These systems ensure contractors are provided temporary access credentials and have complied with onsite health and safety protocols. In addition, contractor invoices can be reconciled with the actual time that contractors spend on site.

Contractor Management

Education Organisations that trust Inner Range

Features that ensure the safety and security of students, teachers and visitors to educational facilities

Analytics Integration

Reducing the time to acquire and interpret information, data analytic technology advances the intelligence of not only the security system, but also the building applications. Those systems use their own communication protocols, and Inner Range acts as a data aggregator to normalize that data. By communicating with other systems, the pattern recognition in the analytics can predict how and when events may occur and trigger efficient use of other resources. If the analytic recognizes trends of attendance, it can help control building lighting resources. In the past, intrusion and access control systems were ignored as being an expense, but now they can help create the intelligent building.

Access Control

Our comprehensive access control system ensures that only authorised staff and students are permitted in restricted areas, whilst being free to access common areas. Access credentials can be integrated into the university's own smartphone App and integration with Timetable management systems mean that students can only access lecture theatres when they have a scheduled class. Student residence halls, which often use a dedicated wireless access control system, can also be fully administered from the Inner Range Enterprise Software which is integrated with many of the world’s leading wireless locking solutions.

Intruder Detection

Notifying the correct authority of unwanted persons in an area or on a property in an appropriate timeframe helps prevent loss. Escalation of specific events to the correct responder allows them to make better decisions for resolving the issue. Providing up to 14 levels of response to various alarm scenarios. The events that occur when an intruder attempts to gain access to a controlled area may need to be handled in unique ways. By providing those standard operating procedures for each type of event, responders can mitigate risks and liability.

Duress Alarms

During an emergency event, people want to notify someone to come assist them in solving a problem. To get the message to a responding authority, duress alarms can trigger a response from the appropriate team. These alarms may be a push button underneath the desk of a receptionist, or they can be a button on an emergency telephone in the middle of the university campus. Regardless of the location of the button, these systems trigger immediate notification of an event to first responders to assist the person in need. Inner Range allows the control of alarms such that if it is not responded to in a determined time period, it can be escalated to a higher authority.

Facial Recognition Integration

Access to an area is controlled by what you have (card or other physical identification), what you know (code) and who you are (biometric identifier). Integration with a video surveillance system allows the analytics to be integrated with the access control application to provide the Who You Are component of access control. This identification of a person by a camera, as well as the credentials that the person holds or knows, can assist in assuring that the correct people are in the proper area. Facial recognition analytics can act as the credential to allow a person to gain entry to a building or area.

Video Surveillance Integration

Utilising the Enterprise Integriti platform, system operators are able to visually verify alarm events in real-time, using video feeds from an interconnected Video Surveillance platform. Security Personnel are able to view, control and customize Video layouts all within one centrally managed system, while monitoring other access control or alarm events within the same graphical interface.

Contactor Management Integration

Making sure that the correct company is on your property and performing the necessary responsibilities proves daunting with the amount of work expectations that exist. Being able to verify that not only did the correct person arrive on property, but also that they spent the time that was charged, becomes a logistical challenge. Inner Range can provide reports identifying when the contractor came to and left your facility as well as any areas they accessed. This allows the verification of invoices as well as job completion.

RTLS Integration

Real-Time Location Systems are commonly deployed in high-security situations, and allow Security Operators to maintain accurate status and location of Security Personnel in real-time. The RTLS integration with the Enterprise Platform Integriti, allows for status updates and location monitoring via the same graphical interface as every other aspect of the system (including integrated Video Surveillance, Intercoms, etc.). While increasing security and safety of staff, this integration improves situational awareness of Security Personnel in high security situations.

Mobile Apps with Push Notification

Providing information immediately has become the expectation of society and in critical situations on campus it is expected that students, staff and visitors be notified about critical situations instantly. Mass notification of the events on campus can save lives and assist responders with management of the situation, whether it be critical, urgent or just informational. Notifications to be sent to specific groups of people based upon the type of event on campus.

Professional Solutions Brochure

Professional Solutions Brochure

Securing Schools and Universities Brochure

Securing Schools and Universities Brochure

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