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Multi-site Enterprise Solution with 100’s of integrations to 3rd party building solutions

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Enterprise Ready

Enterprise security solution unifying Video, Access Control and Security sub systems into one platform whilst also providing world class integrations to most of the world’s best security brands. Scalable to multi location security deployments around the globe with 1000’s of doors, 1000’s of cameras and 100,000’s of users.

Unified Solution

Managing the entire organisation’s security operation from a single user interface that unifies and integrates a variety of security and intelligent building sub-systems, such as Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intruder Alarm, Mobile Duress, Lighting, Elevator Control, Intercoms, Visitor Management and the like.

Access Control

Monitors and controls the movement of all personnel and vehicles across multiple facilities. Integriti utilises an industry leading access permission system and supports standard access credentials such as cards, facial recognition and mobile phone-based tokens.

Intruder Alarm

Protects critical assets, staff and visitors through monitoring thousands of detection points and alarm devices then communicating critical events to monitoring centres and pushing notifications to mobile devices.

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Integriti provides Customisable alarm and event filters that enable users to filter irrelevant system information and only view events that are relevant to the operators role. Operators can gain insightful information and ensure appropriate response to incidents as they occur in real time.

  • Events can be based on broad categories such as “Access” and “intruder areas armed”, or more granular categories such as the status of 3rd party integrations.

  • Important events can be highlighted with changing the colours or font to draw the operator’s attention.

  • A fully customisable alarm response system is also available which enables escalation of alarms to designated operators and tailored response plans for specific situations.

Actionable Information in Real Time

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Creating Users and Assigning user access permissions is the foundation of any access control system. Integriti provides an easy-to-use and incredibly flexible permission system that mandates which areas and under which conditions users are granted access.

Fred Taylor “Chief Security Officer “ Jones and Co:

“Integriti has dramatically transformed the way we manage our 5000 employees and contractors. Our previous system was a mess with thousands of different user type profiles and no way to practically standardize our user’s permissions. Now with Integriti, we have a simple yet structured permission system that gives us confidence we are protecting our staff and our company’s assets.”

Effortless User Management

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Integriti Professional enables non-technical customers to generate, flexible graphical reports. The software comes with commonly used reports such as Time on Site, Muster, User Access History and many more. For the technically minded, these sample reports can be used as templates to customise and generate other reports according to the needs of the customer. Alternatively, Inner Range offers a professional report writing service with quoted prices varying according to the complexity of the client’s requirements.

  • Muster Reports detail a list of users that are present in any system area when the report is generated. Entrance and Exit readers are utilised to generate this report.

  • Attendance Reports such as Time on Site track staff movements around a site to accurately monitor staff’s time and attendance.

  • User Reports such as User Permissions or Inactive Users provide detailed information regarding the user’s status and system permissions.


Not only can reports be displayed simply on your computer or mobile device, but they can also be saved for later viewing or forwarding in a wide variety of formats including HTML, PDF, XLS, and CSV or generated automatically and emailed to users at a specified time.

Reports Made Accessible

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Inner Range develops a full range of door controllers, readers, and keypads all while supporting open standards which enables support of a full range of 3rd party reader and credential offerings.

The SIFER family is a highly secure reader and card technology based on the industry standard MIFARE® DESFire® EV3 card format. The SIFER credentials include cards and fobs as well as customised cards with site specific encryption.

The PrismaX and EliteX Keypads can arm and disarm security areas, acknowledge alarms and events, and lock and unlock doors. The PrismaX keypad also features a variant which includes a SIFER reader.

Integriti supports a full range of 3rd party readers including Mifare, HID, facial and fingerprint recognition readers as well as mobile credential support from multiple vendors.

A secure and contemporary range of Access Control hardware

Integriti has 3 primary software editions. The edition which is suitable for you depends on a number of factors such as how many users there will be, if you need to integrate to other systems and if you need access to advanced Integriti features.

Integriti Software Editions

Integriti Professional is the starting point for a Integriti system and offers features which an power small to medium sites.

• Expandable 

• Unlimited doors

• Upgrade to Business or Corporate Edition.

Professional Edition
System Designer

Integriti System Designer is the interface for full system programming and configuration, designed for use by System Integrators or Site Administrators. From this software interface, System Integrators have full control of every programmatic aspect of the Integriti system. Everything from basic user programming, to complex integration and automation programming is accessible within Integriti System Designer software interface.

Gate Keeper

Integriti GateKeeper is the interface for every-day control and monitoring, designed for use by Guards or Site Administrators. From this software interface, operators have the ability to create/modify/delete cardholders, generate reports, monitor alarm events, control doors, arm and disarm areas, monitor integrated CCTV streams, and much more. Programming aspects that may effect the system’s performance are not accessible through the GateKeeper application.


Schematic maps are a graphical representation of the Integriti site; they allow operators to control and view the state of areas, doors, inputs, auxiliaries, integrated systems and many more items. A schematic map may be as simple as a single map containing a floor plan of a site with few icons representing detectors, or as complex as an interactive scalable vector based floor plan and map, which allows for simple navigation for large multi-site systems.


Integriti review is a software feature that logs and displays events in real time from every aspect of the Integriti system. Each review event is categorised into 1 of 6 categories, and 1 of 717 sub-categories – making it easy to navigate to the specific event types of interest. Additionally, review events can be filtered by time-period, and by using the “search” function to only locate specific review events that match the search entry.

Audit History

The amazingly powerful forensic audit trail records every programming change made by all operators, and provides the ability to “roll-back” to any change made in the past. This feature is incredibly useful in the event of a programmatic error that causes issues with the system’s operation. System Administrators can “roll-back” the catastrophic change, to allow the system to operate as it did prior to the change.

Inner Range integrates with hundreds of best in class, intelligent building systems that enable the Integriti software to manage an organisation's entire security operation from a single user interface. Integrated systems allow customers to maximise investments already made in other intelligent systems and provide improvements in security, operational efficiency and situational awareness

The Integriti Ecosystem

Integriti’s Membership System Integration allows for a smooth and simple management of member access control, by synchronising the membership database with the Integriti Access Control database. Utilising a synchronised database, gym owners are empowered by the benefits of minimising the need to train staff on a new system, reducing overall costs involved with managing and maintaining membership access control.