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About Inner Range

Inner Range is a manufacturer of unified Video, Access and Security Systems.
Security systems
A Network of over 5000 Certified System Integrators Across the Globe

Inner Range has a comprehensive factory training and certification process that ensures System Integrators are fully equipped to successfully install and maintain Inner Range systems. The "Contact Us" section of this website contains a directory of qualified Inner Range system integrators to assist our customers find the perfect partner for their installation.

Easy and Intuitive Operation

Inner Range understands that the people using our systems may not always be security experts, which is why we ensure that our systems are intuitive and easy to use. This system can be controlled from simple software applications, web interfaces, smart phones and even smart watches.

The Power of a Unified Solution

Inner Range solutions provide a truly unified security platform with Video, Access Control, Security and Building Automation all managed from a single interface. This saves cost, simplifies operation and delivers unrivalled power and functionality.

No Lock In Software License Costs

When customers purchase an Inner Range system, they pay once and can use the software for life. Many manufacturers force their customers to pay annual license fees which can double or triple the total cost of ownership of the unified security solution.

Inner Range building

Inner Range is a manufacturer of unified Video, Access Control and Security solutions. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Inner Range has over 35 years of innovation and has more than 150,000 systems deployed globally.

We are passionate about empowering our customers to protect what they value most, their property, their possessions and most importantly – their people.

We manufacture end-to-end solutions from the card you badge at one of our readers to the controller securing the door, right through to the enterprise security management software monitoring multiple sites anywhere in the world. Our scalable products are suitable for high-end residential, commercial and enterprise sites across verticals such as education, healthcare, government and critical infrastructure.

Our continual investment in research and development puts our products at the forefront of access control, security, video and smart building technology. We partner with best-in-class providers of adjacent technologies such as intercom, payroll, building automation; and incorporate the latest in AI technology with solutions for facial recognition, biometrics, number plate recognition and many more. With over 120 native integrations to 3rd party systems and open integration pathways, we provide our customers with a unified system behind a single pane of glass.

Inner Range offers our partners a range of competency-based training courses to ensure the best experience with our products and outcomes for their customers. Additionally, our global support team ensures that any issues are resolved quickly with minimal impact to the end user.

From entry-level to enterprise, Inner Range provides an end-to-end security solution capable of addressing the most difficult building management needs, providing peace of mind for you and your people.

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