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Applications and Functions

Inner Range delivers a comprehensive Unified Video, Access, and Security platform
Inner range services

Inner Range stands at the forefront by offering a comprehensive Unified Video, Access, and Security platform. This advanced system provides an end-to-end security solution, effectively addressing the diverse needs ranging from entry-level setups to expansive large-scale security deployments. With Inner Range, users benefit from a versatile and integrated approach to video surveillance, access control, and overall security management, ensuring a robust and seamless security infrastructure tailored to varying scales and complexities.

Connecting our powerful open platform along with our vast array of Apps, Integrations Plugins and Automation Features means we cannot only connect to a smart building system but we can act as the central controller and communication point for systems such as Video Surveillance, Lighting, Intercoms, Heating, Cooling, Visitor Management or any other of our 130+ third party systems to which we have written comprehensive integrations.

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