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Securing Retail Banking

With significant cost pressures from disruptive digital competitors, retail banks are transforming into customer relationship centres. As bank branches transform there is still a critical need to keep Customers and Staff safe and ensure cash holdings are stored securely.

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Brick and mortar banking retailers face an extremely challenging business environment with hyper competition from online retailers and a range of diverse challenges.

Challenges faced by Banking Retailers

Prevention of Robbery & Theft
Protecting Staff & Customer in a high risk environment
Contractor Management
Focus on Customer Experience
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Inner Range offers a dedicated set of intrusion detection features to assist with the protection of retail banking environments. These features include safety screen control, airlock control, and redundant back-to-base monitoring with Multipath IP.

Access Control features ensure that only authorised staff are permitted in restricted areas, while customers are free to browse in show room areas. Additionally, staff can have access to restricted areas only during time periods where they have a valid reason to enter secured spaces.

Prevention of Robbery & Theft

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Retail Banking environments suffer the very real risk of robbery by armed offenders. Inner Range offers fixed and mobile duress solutions, whereby police or security guards can immediately be notified when a dangerous situation occurs. Silent duress options specifically designed for the banking industry are also available. Intruder alarms, duress alarms, and video surveillance can all be accessed from a single user interface to ensure a rapid response to critical situations.

Protecting staff and customers in a high-risk environment

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Large Retail banking chains require the services of hundreds of independent contractors who require access to retail premises. Inner Range provides a contractor management platform native to our software suite, as well as seamlessly integrating with third-party, dedicated contractor management systems. These systems ensure contractors are provided temporary access credentials and have complied with onsite health and safety protocols. In addition, contractor invoices can be reconciled with the actual time that contractors spend on site.

Contractor Management


Retail bank branches now provide an important differentiator to digital-only banks, with face-to-face interactions providing a unique opportunity to build trust and relationships with customers. Inner Range systems seamlessly integrate with Video Management Systems and Analytics engines that can assist with queue management and meeting room allocation. Facial recognition systems can also identify VIP customers. Secured spaces are kept safe while still providing an open and frictionless environment to develop relationships with customers.

Focus on customer experience

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