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Unified Professional Video, Access and Security Systems

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Our Inception cloud-based security system offers greater flexibility, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness while maintaining high levels of security and reliability. It is a modern and efficient approach to meeting the dynamic and evolving needs of security in various environments.

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Video Management Software (VMS) consolidates 1000s of cameras into a simple, easy to use Access not Acccess, end user interface giving you a concise window into your premises. The VMS communicates with the Access Control, Intruder, Security Sub-Systems and Smart Building devices bringing all systems into a single pane of glass.


Through this one interface, you can watch live or archived footage relating to events from the connected sub-systems. Review when a particular person entered through a door and watch the associated video, watch as a vehicles number plate provides access to the car park or gate or act when the Intruder Alarm system detects a break in by reviewing associated footage and contact the authorities.


This Unified Professional Video, Access and Security System provides you with all the tools needed to protect your property, your possessions and most importantly your people.

Video Management

Video ∙ Security
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Our Professional solution is the most user-friendly unified video, access control and security product on the market. It is common for users to struggle with basic tasks such as replaying & recording video, administering users across the system or changing access control permissions, due to the complexity of options offered and the technical terminology used. Inner Range provides a single pane of glass as a window into the solution to make all of these requirements of the system a breeze.

The Inner Range Professional Solution utilizes the Inception platform which features a “Guided Tour” that walks end users through all the standard functionality of the system so they can drive our solution without training or any technical expertise."


This Professional solution provides a comprehensive dashboard that can be populated with users’ common operations, and only displays system events and status messages that are relevant to the individual therefore simplifying operation and driving efficiency.

Designed For End Users

The Inner Range Professional Platform, Inception, provides all the standard reports that a professional grade security solution is expected to provide – plus more. Reports on Access History, Area Control, User Permissions Summary, User Current Location, User Inactivity, User Details, Time On Site, etc can all be generated on demand.

Access History Reports

These reports show a list of events through doors and are filterable by Users, Doors or Lift Cars, and Access Granted/ Denied Status and can tie video footage in to provide visual verification of any unusual events or situations.

Time on site Reports

These reports show the date and duration that users are on a site and are configurable via Read-In/Read-Out Readers or First-In/Last-Out reader access with the ability to provide video verification of the actual user on site.

Scheduled Reports

Reports can be scheduled in advance to run automatically and be emailed to specified email addresses. In addition, reports can be saved in HTML, PDF, XLS, or CSV.

Informative Reports At Your Fingertips

A laptop

Our Professional solution is simple to control and leverages your existing smartphones, tablets or computers. The system is connected to your local network, meaning you can use almost any web-enabled device to access your system, including hard-wired desktop or Wi-Fi connected devices.Also supporting the Inner Range SkyCommand app, which provides fully interactive control of the Inception platform security areas, doors, and outputs.

Web Powered convenience Compatible with most major mobile devices

Three monitors

Full Area State and Control

Output Control

Door Control


Item photos

Push Notifications (available in specific areas)

Quick Sign in


Milestone Video  Management Integration

Deeply integrated to the Milestone Video Management and Access Control system allowing full control over the Professional Inception Platform providing a seamless, UNIFIED VIDEO, ACCESS and SECURITY solution. Milestone is a powerful Video Management System that provides a central surveillance point for sitewide management). By linking Inception with Milestone, the whole site can be managed and controlled from a simple, single user interface. Its is now extremely affordable to have features like Number Plate Recognition to open a gate for building access control, which was once a solution only available in more expensive large-scale deployments.

Control4® Home Automation Support

Inception includes support for integration with the Control4 smart home automation system. Control4 brings many of the smart devices in a home together, allowing information and interactions from multiple systems to be coordinated together in one place. The Inner Range Inception system form the core of the Access Control and Security Alarm providing end user with complete peace of mind that a Professional grade solution has been deployed to protect Property, Possessions and People.

3rd Party Automation Interface

The 3rd party automation interface includes bi-directional communication of states and control requests to 3rd party systems This interface allows control over other systems or informs them of state changes. Alternatively, it can be used to allow other systems to control the Inception platform.

REST Integration API

Inception offers a REST-based Integration API that allows 3rd parties to write software applications integrating directly to Inception units via a high-level interface. This provides the ability to allow numerous existing systems to work in tandem with Inception or the creation of customised controls of the unified video, access, and security system.

Professional Solutions Brochure

Professional Solutions Brochure

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Why Choose Inception? 

Intrusion and Access in a unified system
Powerful features Made Simple
No Software To Install
No Software License Costs
Accessible from any device
Email and Push Notifications
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