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Inovonics RF Expander Module


The Inner Range - Inovonics™ RF Expander is an RS-485 LAN based module which provides an interface for Inovonics™ Echostream wireless security transmitters such as detectors, universal transmitters and user pendants.

Up to 32 detectors can be monitored by each Module. User pendant

transmissions can be received via any RF Expander Module in the system.

The range of an RF system can be expanded by using Inovonics™ Repeater units which allow RF signals to be forwarded onto the Expander Module.

User pendants and security transmitters can be easily registered into the Inner Range system.

Inovonics RF Expander Module
Module Features
  •  The Inovonics RF Expander connects directly to the Inner Range RS-485 LAN

  • Each Expander will provide up to 32 wireless detection zones

  • Low Battery supervision & reporting from all wireless devices

  • Frequency selectable to suit AU/NZ RF bands

  • PCB only kit option available (for Europe only)

  • World-renowned high quality RF wireless solution

  • Fully compatible with Inovonics security range of transmitter devices including:

  1. Body Worn Pendant Transmitters

  2. Fixed Position Hold-Up Pendant Transmitters

  3. Universal Transmitters - Reed Switches/Contacts

  4. Smoke Detectors

  5. Glassbreak Detectors

  6. PIR Motion Detectors

  7. High Power Repeaters

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