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LAN Over Ethernet Module (CLOE)


The LAN over Ethernet (CLOE) module provides a convenient interface for the Inner Range RS-485 LAN to be distributed over standard TCP/IP Ethernet networks.

Ethernet connectivity allows the RS-485 LAN to operate over an IP network architecture including 802.3i (10baseT) and 802.3U (100baseT) switching and routing equipment. Wireless communications can also be achieved using a wireless router and Ethernet / 802.11 point to point RF solutions.

The CLOE Module provides the full flexibility of Ethernet networks while maintaining the high security and scale of the standard RS-485 LAN architecture.

The CLOE module supports the TCP/IP protocol with all data encrypted using 128 bit AES encryption. Security is monitored in all RS-485 segments of the LAN providing alarms for network outages or module substitution conditions.

Every CLOE module can be assigned as a master or a slave via initial setup options and the master unit is configured with a static IP address while the slave units support static or dynamic addressing. The use of Ethernet networks also provides the added benefit of electrical isolation between RS-485 LAN segments.

LAN Over Ethernet Module (CLOE)
Module Features
  • Transmit the RS-485 LAN over Ethernet Networks

  • Convert Standard RS-485 LAN Modules into Ethernet LAN Modules

  • Serial communication speeds of up to 19200 baud

  • Extend the Inner Range RS-485 LAN distance

  • Use wireless IP technologies to save wiring costs

  • Use existing IP Networks to save wiring time & costs

  • Deploy single Control Modules across multiple sites

  • Provide electrical isolation between RS-485 LAN segments

  • AES 128 bit encryption

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