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Multimode Fibre Modem


The Fibre Modem provides two separate, optically isolated ports to the Inner Range systems RS-485 LAN. A set of Fibre Modems is ideal for applications where modules are separated in different buildings and/or are separated by large distances.

Fibre Modem links boost maximum LAN distance while providing immunity to earth loops, induced electrical noise and propagation of pulses from lightning strikes by virtue of the optical isolation.

The modems have two fibre ports which enable sets of Fibre Modems to be arranged in ‘branch’ or ‘loop’ configurations. Each fibre port utilises a pair of fibres per link to provide full-duplex communication. Up to 5 Fibre Modems can be connected in series.

Multimode Fibre Modem
Module Features
  • Multimode Fibre Modems extend Controller LAN up to 3Km

  • Electrical isolation from the remote LAN

  • Fibre links immune to earth loops and induced noise

  • Immune to propagation of electrical pulses due to lightning

  • Supports loop and branch (“Y”) configurations

  • Redundant LAN path when Fibre Modems used in ‘loop’ configuration

  • ‘Loop Fault’ and ‘Branch Fault’ auxiliary outputs

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