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LAN Isolator


The LAN Isolator affords an Inner Range system with optical isolation of RS-485 LAN wiring. It features 2 optically isolated sections (branches) which can be combined to work in an optional LAN ‘loop’ mode. The elimination of electrical connection between LAN sections serves as a means to break earth loops as well as extending the length of the LAN. Each LAN Isolator amplifies the signal and provides an additional 1500m of LAN distance.

In addition to this, the LAN Isolator monitors its LAN sections and can isolate sections of the LAN where problems are discovered. Also provided are outputs to indicate the status of the LAN allowing LAN section status and alarms to be

reported as required.

LAN Isolator
Module Features
  • 5kV isolation between LAN sections

  • Can help eliminate earth loops in the LAN

  • Improved anti-surge protection

  • Improved signal to noise ratio over longer cable runs

  • Two downlink ports on each unit allow monitored ‘Loop’ wiring or two separate downlink ‘Branches’

  • Supports loop and branch (“Y”) configurations

  • Protects sections of the LAN from faults or tampering in other sections

  • ‘Loop Fail’ and ‘Branch Isolated’ alarm outputs can be wired into any standard zone input

  • Plastic enclosure supports base and cover tamper switches

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