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Single Door Access Module


Designed as a cost-effective and space-saving single door module, this device is perfect for organisations that only require a small number of access control doors or where installation space is a premium.

The Single Door Access Module supports one door, one Wiegand card reader and the required inputs and outputs for the control and monitoring of a single door. A single auxiliary output is provided for use as a general purpose output or to control reader LEDs and/or buzzers, indicate “Door Open Too Long” (DOTL), or used for “Valid/Invalid” feedback.

Configuration options allow for a broad range of card reader technologies and support is provided for multiple card reader formats.

Single Door Access Module
Module Features
  • Supports magnetic swipe or Wiegand card readers without the need for an additional interface

  • Provides reed and tongue sense monitoring

  • Request to Enter (REN), Request to Exit (REX) & Arm inputs provided

  • Door Open Too Long (DOTL), valid and invalid output

  • On-board lock relay

  • Fuse protection of reader power

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