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Aiphone GT Series - Integriti Interface Module


The Integriti Aiphone Interface module is a small (2-Pole) DIN rail mount device which allows Integriti to receive events from Aiphone GT series intercom systems.

The module provides the communication link between the Aiphone 2 wire bus and the Integriti RS-485 UART port and allows Integriti to monitor events from lobby entrance and apartment based intercom stations.

Where visitor access is granted by way of pressing the unlock button on the apartment intercom station, Integriti can listen to that request from the Aiphone system and subsequently unlock a door and/or provide the visitor with lift access to the appropriate floor.

Aiphone GT Series - Integriti Interface Module
Module Features
  • Provides Integration between Aiphone GT series intercoms and the Integriti Access Control system

  • Allows Integriti to unlock doors and/or provide lift/floor access for visitors based on intercom events

  • Support for up to 250 apartment intercom stations

  • Support for up to 4 lift cars

  • Optically isolated communications

  • Small DIN rail mount 2-Pole enclosure

  • Can be installed alongside the DIN rail mounted Aiphone Intercom system

  • Compatible with Aiphone GT series 2-wire intercom systems 

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