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DIN Rail Mounting Clips


The DIN Rail clip pack is a universal clip system that allows a range of Inner Range products to be mounted onto standard 35mm DIN rails.

Pack Includes

  • 2 x DIN Rail Clips

  • 4 x M3x35mm Screws to suit T4000 & Inception Products

  • 4 x M3 Self tapping screws to suit general PCB mounting

DIN Rail Mounting Clips
DIN Rail clips can be used to mount the following products
  • T4000 Alarm Communicator

  • Inception Controller

  • Integriti Size “B” & “C” PCB’S including:All Integriti UniBus PCB’s
      Intelligent LAN Access Module (ILAM)
      Standard LAN Access Module (SLAM)
      1 Door Access Module
      8 Zone Expander
      2A & 3A Power Supply's
      LAN Over Ethernet Device (CLOE)
      LAN Isolator
      Fibre Modem’s
      Fire Door Relay Card

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