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High Security Enclosure


The High Security Enclosure is made of 2mm cold rolled steel. It has two front tamper switches and five rear tamper switch positions (two rear tamper switches provided). 

The removable gear tray has module footprints  pre-stamped which allows for a quicker assembly. Modules can be mounted to the gear tray at a different location and brought to site pre-configured and tested. The modules spacing allows for easier cable access and termination with space for identification labels mounted on the rear panel, not the modules. It also provides space for up to 40mm duct between  modules and 60mm duct on the right-hand side. 

The High Security Enclosure can be fitted with the 995231 Battery Box made of 2mm cold rolled steel. It provides a rear vented housing for at least 2 sealed lead acid batteries and bolts to the bottom of the High Security Enclosure. A tamper switch is included in the installation kit and there is provisioning to add a standard or restricted key lock. 

High Security Enclosure
Enclosure Features

Body is 2mm thick cold rolled steel.

Door is 1.6mm thick cold rolled steel with a reinforcing brace.

Provision for 2 X door locks - supplied separately, if required.

2 x front tamper switches.

5 x rear tamper switch locations (2 switches provided).

Mounting bracket provided which is pre-stamped to accommodate a  Shock Sensor.

4 X 32mm knockouts on the top of the cabinet to accommodate cable entry.

1 X 32mm knockout on the bottom of the cabinet for access into the optional battery box.

Cable entry is segregated from electronics with steel panels at the top of the gear tray.

2 X 32mm knockouts, one on the rear and one on the side for mains power cable.

Dedicated location for GPO mounting block.

1 X 16mm knockout on top to accommodate T4000 BEN-001 High Gain Antennae.

Main cabinet will hold 2 X 12V 18Ah batteries.

Support for optional battery box: Battery Box for High Security Enclosure - 995231

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