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WideBody Enclosure (Enclosure Only)


The WideBody Enclosure (WB) is a key lockable sturdy metal enclosure

designed for installation of Integriti Access Control solutions where all

the Integriti equipment, 3 or 8Amp power supply and backup batteries

can be contained within a single tamper monitored enclosure.

The enclosure will house all the equipment required for as many as 8

doors. Multiple enclosures can be installed throughout a building of any size to provide Access Control for the entire facility while keeping the total quantity of installed enclosures to a minimum.

The WideBody design provides very efficient use of wall mounting

space, while it’s low profile side elevation protrudes less than 100mm

from the mounting surface.

WideBody Enclosure (Enclosure Only)
Enclosure Features

  • Key Lockable robust metal enclosure

  • Designed for Access Control installations

  • Houses all equipment required for up to 8 doors

  • Space for 2 x 18Ah Lead Acid Batteries

  • Low Profile design Size 595(L) x 512(W) x 95(D)

  • 3 x 50x50mm conduit entry points

  • 7 x 25mm round conduit entry points

  • Discrete thru-wall cable entry via back panel

  • Provision for dual front/rear tamper monitoring

  • Includes equipment mounting plate

  • Hinged Expansion Plate available (Part 999027)

Designed to house: 
  • Controllers

  • LAN Expansion Modules

  • UniBus Expansion Modules

  • 3 and 8Amp SMART Power Supplies

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