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Integriti Security Controller (ISC) PCB Only


The Integriti Security Controller (ISC) is an IP-based master controller for the Integriti modular hardware system. Equipped with 16 Zone Inputs, 2 Auxiliary Relay Outputs, Power Supply, Ethernet Port, Modem, and Internal/External Siren outputs, the ISC can be used either stand-alone or expanded further via its UniBus and RS-485 Sub-LAN ports. The flexible, modular design of the ISC allows a single stand-alone controller to be expanded to form a network of IP or RS-485 expansion modules supporting up to 3,000 Zone Inputs, 3,000 Outputs, 250 Areas and over 1,000 Card Readers and 250 Doors. User capacity of up to 100,000 users is available, and capacity for 1,000,000 users is also available with the User Expansion Kit (Part. 996002L5).

The ISC also offers a UniBus in-cabinet expansion interface where a variety of UniBus I/O and communications devices can be connected directly to the controller and housed within the same tamper-protected enclosure. Integriti’s multi-controller architecture allows any number of ISC’s to be combined within the Integriti software package to form a globally managed small, medium or enterprise sized system where the entire network of controllers is managed as a whole. This architecture allows for an infinite number of Readers, Doors, Areas, Zone Inputs and Outputs.

Controller RS-485 LAN Expansion

Further expansion and functionality is realised with the addition of sub-LAN expansion modules which are connected to the Integriti Security Controller viathe RS-485 LAN. These modules can also be connected via standard Ethernet networks if connected using Ethernet Bridge or CLOE devices.

Integriti Security Controller (ISC) PCB Only
Controller Features
  • RJ45 - 10/100 Ethernet Port

  • RS-485 Sub-LAN

  • USB Master & Slave Ports

  • UniBus In-Cabinet Expansion Interface

  • Multipath-IP / GSM STU Port (Port Zero RS-232)

  • 16 Zone Inputs - Multistate or Analogue

  • 2 Auxiliary Output Relays & separate Watch Dog Output

  • Dedicated Tamper Input

  • Internal & External Siren Outputs

  • RJ-12 PSTN Dialler/Modem Connection

  • Intelligent Power Control via Smart Fuses

  • 32 Bit ARM CPU with Real Time Clock

  • 64 MB RAM / 4 GB Micro SD Memory

  • Smart Card Slot

  • Firmware Upgrade via USB, LAN or Software

Hardware Expansion Capabilities
  • Zone Inputs - Expandable to 32 via UniBus – 3,000 via RS-485 Sub-LAN

  • Auxiliary Outputs - Expandable to 32 via UniBus – 3,232 via RS-485 Sub-LAN

  • Doors – Expandable to 250 via RS-485 Sub-LAN

  • Readers - Expandable to 1,584 via RS-485 Sub-LAN

  • On-board User capacity -100,000, 1,000,000 with User Expansion Kit fitted

  • On-board Review Events - 100,000

  • Ports - RS-232 / RS-485 Serial Ports - Expandable to 8 with UniBus UART

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