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Monday, 23 August 2021

SIFER Reader Accessories

SIFER Reader Accessories

The ever-growing popularity of Inner Range’s secure SIFER reader and card solution has seen a demand to install it in new and diverse environments. In response to this demand, Inner Range has released three new accessories.

These new accessories include a Vandal Resistant Cover, a Vandal Resistant Cover with an inbuilt spacer and a standard 10mm spacer.

When is a Spacer Recommended?

When RFID readers are mounted on metal objects such as bollards or aluminium door frames, there can be a reduction in signal quality. This reduction of signal quality is caused by some of the radio frequency waves reflecting off the metal object then travelling between the card and reader. This results in a reduced read range between the card and reader.

To help integrators offer a solution to counter this problem, Inner Range has released a 10mm spacer. When the spacer is used there will be an increase of signal quality and read range for readers that need to be mounted on metal objects.

The spacer is the same colour and dimensions as the reader which increases the aesthetics of the spacer and reader combination.

SIFER Reader Spacer

SIFER Reader Vandal Resistant Cover

The SIFER Reader Vandal Resistant Cover adds an extra layer of physical security to SIFER readers. The angled design helps withstand physical attack and prevent damage to the SIFER readers. To protect against removal of the Vandal Resistant Cover, it is supplied with 4 x M5, 20mm Torx screws which require a specialised Torx bit to remove them.

The SIFER Reader Vandal Resistant Cover has two versions. The first is a standard vandal resistent cover and the second is a vandal resistent cover with a integrated 10mm spacer.

Vandal Resistant Cover 999034

Vandal Resistant Cover with inbuilt spacer 999035

SIFER Technology

SIFER is a Smart Card system designed and manufactured by Inner Range. It is a based multi-drop RS-485 reader that employs 128-bit AES encryption from the card through to the door module, providing a far superior level of security than that of traditional Wiegand based card readers.

SIFER readers and credentials are based on the highly secure MIFARE® DESFire® card technology. SIFER readers utilise a superset of the OSDP protocol and as such may also be deployed on any system capable of using OSDP.

OSDP SIFER readers can be used with traditional Wiegand based access control systems with the addition of a Wiegand to OSDP converter.

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