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Thursday, 2 December 2021

IDIS Video Surveillance Integration

Inner Range has completed the integration between Integriti and IDIS who are the largest video sureveillance manufacturer in South Korea and who operate in over 50 countries.      

The IDIS integration gives Integriti users around the globe access to another high quality video management system which can be deeply integrated with their Integriti solution. The integration allows operators to view video footage from within Integriti, create automations based on events received from IDIS as well as include IDIS managed cameras within Integriti's user friendly maps.

The IDIS integration is offered in two versions. The first is an integration with the powerful IDIS solution suite (ISS) and the second is an integration for smaller sites which allows Integriti to communicate directly with IDIS NVR's. These integrations can be used individually or together for sites which have a mixture of IDIS ISS and NVR managed surveillance cameras.

The integration offers additional benefits such as being able to view the status of a camera, perform forward and reverse playback, step forward and backwards through footage, and control iris and focus.

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