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PrismaX Colour LCD Keypad


Sharing the same attractive design style as the EliteX, the PrismaX Keypad boasts a full-colour LCD display. End-users will delight in using the PrismaX keypad, with large clear text and icon-driven menus control of the Integriti system is made simple.

Just some of the functions supported include monitoring and acknowledging alarms and events, arming/disarming, unlocking/locking doors, controlling automation functions and isolating zones. Eight dual colour status LEDs can be used to display

the armed/disarmed state of areas or for other intruder, access  control or automation purposes. An in-built temperature sensor displays the room temperature and can also be integrated into the system for building automation control.

SIFER Reader option for PrismaX

A plug-on SIFER Reader kit is available for the PrismaX Keypad. With this option fitted the keypad can be used as a reader for access control on doors or for high security “Card & PIN” dual credential authentication for login access to the Keypads menus.

Please note: 

The PrismaX Keypad is designed as an end user interface for the

Integriti system and as such only the end user related menus are supported. Where access to installation and commissioning menus is required the EliteX Keypad is recommended.

PrismaX Colour LCD Keypad
Module Features:
  • Elegant slimline surface mount design

  • Full colour LCD backlit screen

  • Large – easy to read text

  • Four arrow keys provide quick and convenient access to options in the graphic interface menu

  • Tamper monitored housing

  • Light sensitive auto-dimming brightness for LCD, Keypad and LED’s

  • Backlit rubberised keypad provides a user-friendly tactile feel

  • Local temperature display

  • 8 LED indicators for Area status display

  • Instant help text available anytime, at the press of a key

  • Programmable panic key and duress option

  • Compatible with Integriti Systems only

Features with SIFER Reader kit fitted:

  • Support for all SIFER credentials

  • Support for 13.56Mhz cards(CSN Only)

  • Support for Card access control

  • Support for Card & PIN access control

  • Support for Card only terminal login

  • Support for Card & PIN terminal login

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