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SIFER Keypad Smart Card Reader


The SIFER Keypad is a combined IP67 rated Keypad and Smart Card reader that allows dual credential Card & PIN high security access control. (PIN only or Card only is also supported)

The SIFER Keypad is a multi-drop RS-485 device that employs 128 bit AES encryption from the card/keypad through to the door module, providing a far superior level of security than that of traditional Wiegand based keypads & card readers.

SIFER Keypads utilise the Mifare DESFire© EV1/EV2 card format. As

SIFER Keypads utilise a superset of the OSDP protocol, the keypads may also be deployed on any system capable of using OSDP. SIFER Keypads are connected to the RS-485 reader port for full Reader-In and Reader- Out operation of various Inner Range products as below.

  • Integriti Access Controller (IAC) - Up to 16 Keypads/Readers

  • Intelligent LAN Access Module (ILAM) - Up to 16 Keypads/Readers

  • Standard LAN Access Module (SLAM) - Up to 4 Keypads/Readers

SIFER Keypads are IP67 rated and available with site-specific encryption keys.

SIFER Keypad Smart Card Reader
Reader Features 
  • Secure 128bit AES Encryption

  • Encrypted from Keypad/Card through to Access Module

  • Supports Card&PIN, Card only or PIN only modes

  • Auto dimming backlit Silicon rubber keypad

  • Mifare DESFire© EV1/EV2 Card Format

  • Water & Dust Resistant to IP67

  • Vandal Resistant (fully potted)

  • Flexible LED colour & function Assignment

  • Audible Buzzer (can use as DOTL)

  • Multi-drop RS-485 Reader LAN

  • Individual Reader Heartbeat Monitoring

  • Auto Reader Discovery on Inner Range systems

  • OSDP Compatible

  • Read Card Serial Number (CSN) From 3rd Party Cards (Multi-Format Version Only)

  • Support for Custom Site Codes and Site Specific Encryption

  • User Programmable Cards Offer Great Flexibility for Installers

  • Global Configuration From Inner Range Systems (including firmware updates)

  • Small Footprint (Dimensions: 64 (W) x 106(H) x 18 (D) mm)

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