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OSDP<>Wiegand Converter Device


The OSDP <> Wiegand Converter is a small inline device, capable of operating in two main modes that can open up many new options when determining and designing a site’s hardware requirements.

Option 1: Connect Wiegand readers to OSDP ports via the Converter.

A Wiegand reader can now be connected to an OSDP port. This allows Wiegand readers to make use of many of the benefits that an OSDP reader bus provides:

  • 128bit AES encrypted communication path

  • 4-core cables to the module, while still offering beeper, valid and invalid LED control

  • Longer cable runs

  • More flexible wiring configurations (for example, daisy-chain in readers together for a single run back to the module).

In practice, this allows up to 16 Wiegand readers to be connected directly to an Inner Range access module (4 for SLAM), allowing read-in and read-out abilities on all doors. This is perfect if upgrading an existing site with access control to Integriti.

The advanced control that Integriti offers for a Wiegand reader’s beeper and valid/invalid LEDs are also available when connected to the OSDP <> Wiegand Converter. This allows numerous are events like arm success or failure, entry delay, exit delay, alarm and area arm warning, or door events like door unlocked and held open too long to make use of the inbuilt Wiegand reader’s beeper and LEDs to provide feedback to users.

Option 2: Connect OSDP readers to Wiegand reader port.

Via the Converter, OSDP readers such as Inner Range SIFER readers or other products can now be connected to existing Wiegand reader ports. This allows SIFERs, for example, to be used on older Concept access modules where the system is being upgraded to use an Integriti ISC/IAC Controller.

OSDP<>Wiegand Converter Device
Module Features
  • Convert Wiegand to OSDP format

  • Convert OSDP to Wiegand format

  • Auto reader enrollment in OSDP to Wiegand mode

  • Configurable via HyperTerminal using a Port 0 Cable (993030USB)

Configurable options include:

  • RS-485 OSDP Baud Rate

  • Wiegand bit length

  • OSDP reader primary LED colour

  • OSDP reader 2nd LED colour

  • SIFER reader LED brightness

  • SIFER reader speaker volume

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