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Integriti Business Edition


The Business Edition is designed for organizations that use Integriti Software as part of their every day routine and site security management. Inclusive of all the features available in Express and Professional, the Business Edition extends the scope of the system to include powerful functions such as Advanced Reports, the Integriti Web Interface, Active Directory integration and CCTV integration with License Plate Recognition (LPR) functionality.

(Business provides up to 32 CCTV cameras by default and additional cameras can be added in lots of 8)

Professional to Business Upgrade – 996901UPGB

Integriti Business Edition
Included Features
  • User Management, System Programming, System Status, Programming History (Audit Trail)

  • Hassle Free IP Connection with SkyTunnel *a

  • Software Operator Permissions

  • GateKeeper – A Dedicated Application for Daily End User Operations

  • Additional Workstations / Clients (Floating or Fixed)

  • Support for Multiple Controllers

  • Schematic Graphical Maps with Scalable Vector based graphics

  • Alarm Management

  • Smartphone-Server Interface

  • Communicator - Email, SMS & Pager

  • Photo ID Card Design

  • Dynamic User Import Module (DUIM)

  • Advanced Reports

  • Web-based Client for Desktop or Mobile Devices (Responsive)

  • CCTV Integration *b

  • CCTV Licence Plate Recognition Integration

  • Active Directory Integration - Operators

  • Active Directory Integration - Users

Optional Features
  • 3rd Party Door Integration

  • Event Review I/O Communications

  • Milestone XProtect Access ACM Integration

  • Mobile Credential Management Integration

  • Modbus BMS Integration

  • KeyLocker / Locker Integration

  • Elevator Management Integration (Lift HLI)

  • Additional Server Node - HA / Load Spreading

  • Inner Range Mobile Reader Application

  • Biometric Management Integration

  • Intercom Integration

  • Visitor Management Integration

  • VingCard Integration

  • RightCrowd Enterprise Integration

  • Real-Time Location System (RTLS) Integration

  • Active User Rotation Module (AURM)

  • XML Integration (Technology Partner Program)

a. - SkyTunnel provides non-permanent connections between Integriti Controllers, Integriti software and the Integriti Mobile App.

b. - Businness Edition includes 32 Cameras, which can be expanded further.

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