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T4000 PRO Security Communicator


The T4000 Pro is the fastest and most powerful T4000 in the range. Designed with high data transfer rates in mind, the T4000 Pro is perfect for remotely accessing live CCTV video streams.

The T4000 Pro offers dialler and serial connections for traditional alarm communications and also boasts a fully programmable router and built-in Web programming UI.

Setting up 4G failover connectivity for your mission-critical devices is made easy with the T4000 Pro. 

Simply plug in your internet-connected devices, apply a 4G data subscription and the T4000 Pro takes care of the rest.

Securely access devices connected to the T4000 Pro using the inbuilt firewall port forwarding and VPN client functionality. VPN networks are the most secure way to connect to remote sites to access CCTV and security systems. The T4000 Pro currently supports WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols.

The T4000 Pro can be monitored professionally by one of the many MultipathIP partnering monitoring centres and operates as a 4G router with App control. Alternatively, the T4000Pro can operate in standalone mode offering 4G router and App control capabilities.

Visit to register your business as a SkyCommand Dealer. Registration is free and allows you to offer the full range of services available via the T4000 Pro to your clients.

T4000 PRO Security Communicator
  • Simple Plug and Play installation

  • Dual-SIM 4G LTE cellular module with 3G fallback

  • High-speed router (4G LTE / Ethernet / Wi-Fi)

  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi 802.11n supporting Client Mode or Access Point (AP) Mode

  • 3 Configurable Ethernet Ports. 2 LAN + 1 WAN

  • Acts as a 4G LTE backup service for wired Internet connections such as the Alarm Panel and a CCTV system**

  • Can provide LTE internet for the Alarm Panel and a CCTV system where there is no on-site internet**

  • Built-in Web user interface

  • Compatible with most alarm systems via serial data link or dialler capture port.

  • 3 configurable open-collector outputs for control of external devices e.g. Remote Arm/Disarm connected Alarm Panel

  • 3 configurable general-purpose inputs. e.g. Cabinet tamper if installed in a separate enclosure

  • Contact-ID, IRFast and IRFast+text reporting formats

  • Alarm notifications using the SkyCommand smartphone app*

  • Remote control using the SkyCommand smartphone app

  • Over-the-air firmware updatable.

* Push notification subscription required.

** Router data subscription required.

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