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T4000 Lite Security Communicator


The Multipath-IP T4000 Lite features the same highly advanced feature set as the original T4000 only in a smaller form factor and packing more inputs and outputs.

The on-board battery charger and PSTN dial-through functions are not fitted to the T4000 Lite. With a smaller price tag, it is a great solution for installations where the T4000 Lite is being powered from an existing battery-backed alarm system. Its tiny footprint allows it to easily retrofit into existing alarm system cabinets.

Simply connect any Contact-ID enabled dialler panel into the ‘Panel’ port for instant cellular alarm reporting.

Along with all the features you have come to expect from T4000, such as Dual 4G and Ethernet alarm transmission paths, The Lite also brings modern capabilities to existing alarm systems such as smartphone apps and push notification service.*

The three outputs built into the Lite are fully controllable from the SkyCommand app by the end user. The outputs can be programmed to control areas on the end user’s alarm panel using a key switch input or used for general-purpose remote control.

Using its industry-first “Router Functionality”, the T4000 can even leverage Inner Range’s SkyTunnel cloud-based infrastructure for seamless IP connectivity of Inner Range alarm systems.**

The T4000 also provides a communications path for upload/download programming of many popular alarm systems on the market when a PSTN line is not available at the installation site.

T4000 Lite Security Communicator
  • Simple plug-and-play installation

  • Ultra-fast 4G dual SIM polled communications paths

  • Compatible with most alarm systems

  • 3 inputs

  • 3 outputs

  • Over-the-air upload/download to compatible alarm systems

  • Contact-ID and IRFast with text formats

  • Remote Control using the SkyCommand smartphone app

  • Minimal power consumption

  • Over-the-air firmware updatable

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