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T4000 Security Communicator


The Multipath-IP T4000 is a highly advanced and cost-effective field device used to connect any Contact-ID dialer equipped alarm panel to a central monitoring station via multiple highly secure IP paths.

The versatile T4000 is packed with many industry-first features that make it the best tool in any Installer’s toolbox. Its core strength focuses on ease of installation, ease of operation and low-cost security monitoring.

Along with all the features you have come to expect such as Dual 4G and Ethernet alarm transmission paths, The T4000 also brings modern capabilities to existing alarm systems such as smartphone apps and push notification service.*

Using its industry first “Router Functionality”, the T4000 can even leverage Inner Range’s SkyTunnel cloud-based infrastructure for seamless IP connectivity of Inner Range alarm systems.**

The T4000 also provides a communications path for upload/download programming of many popular alarm systems on the market when a PSTN line is not available at the installation site.

The T4000’s small footprint allows it to retrofit easily into existing alarm system cabinets or be housed in its own security cabinet with a backup battery.

* Push notification subscription required. ** Router data subscription required

T4000 Security Communicator
  • Simple Plug and Play installation

  • Ultra-fast 4G dual SIM polled communications paths

  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port for high-speed polling

  • Configurable bi-directional polling from 10 seconds to 5 minutes to meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS2201.5

  • Secure 128Bit AES encrypted data transmission

  • Over-the-air upload/download to compatible alarm systems using modem dial-up and serial pass-through methods

  • Dialer Capture port to receive communications from any alarm panelequipped with a dialer and programmed to report Contact-ID

  • High-level integration with Inner Range systems

  • Remote firmware update capability

  • General purpose security input

  • Relay output for control of external devices

  • Remotely arm/disarm connected alarm system

  • App that allows the end user to control their alarm system, i.e. arm/disarm,auxiliary control and automation. Available on Google Play and IOS stores web:

  • Alarm reporting using Contact-ID and IRFast with text formats

  • Compact and versatile form factor

  • Easy-to-read functional LED status display

  • 12-24V DC supply voltage

  • Battery backup capability (Battery sold separately)

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