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UniBus 4 Way Analogue Input Expander


The UniBus 4 Way Analogue Input Expander provides the capability to monitor, report and action on analogue values within an Integriti system. The device can be programmed to operate an auxiliary when an analogue level from one or more of its independent analogue inputs exceeds or goes below a pre-programmed trigger point. Analogue levels can be monitored and controlled in scaled units through the Integriti software or at any EliteX Terminal.

The Analogue input device is hosted via a UniBus connection to the Integriti Security Controller (ISC) or the 8 Zone LAN Expander. The device is designed for installation within the same tamper-protected enclosure as its UniBus host module.

Each of the 4 inputs can be configured to operate in any one of 3 modes:

  1. Serial Mode - For use with the Inner Range Serial Temperature Sensor (Part. 995089)

  2. Voltage Monitor Mode - For monitoring voltages from 0 to 10V DC

  3. Current Loop Monitor Mode - For monitoring current from 4 to 20mA DC

The Analogue Module allows the programmer or installer a variety of selectable mode settings and levels with which to configure the system to the particular application. The trigger point, output auxiliary, tamper levels and hysteresis values may be individually selected for each input.

Host Module Compatibility

The UniBus 4 Way Analogue Input Expander is compatible with the following UniBus Host Modules:

UniBus 4 Way Analogue Input Expander
Module Features
  • 4 Universal Analogue Zone Inputs

  • 3 mode options per input - Serial, Voltage or Current loop

  • Compatible with Inner Range Serial Temperature Sensor (Part. 995089 - See page 72)

  • Programmable hysteresis setting

  • DIP switch addressable first zone 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29

  • 24V DC output for current loop supply

  • UniBus loop-through connectors

  • 2 LED status/fault indicators

  • Resettable surge protected inputs

  • Over-The-Wire firmware upgradeable

  • Integriti “C” size footprint 94 x 94mm

  • Can be installed above other “C” size PCB’s**

  • A Snap off strip is included to allow installation above Integriti “B” size PCB’s*

* 35mm standoff kit required - Part Number 999009

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