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UniBus 2 Port RS-232 or RS-485 UART


The UniBus 2 Port UART provides 2 high speed, software configurable, Serial Ports allowing connection of serial peripheral devices.

Up to 4 UniBus UART devices may be connected to an Integriti Security or Access Controller. DIP switch options allow each Port to be configured for RS-232 or RS-485 operation.

The UniBus 2 Port UART is designed for installation within the same

tamper-protected enclosure as its UniBus host module. The UniBus device isconnected directly to the host module or another UniBus device via the UniBus patch cable supplied.

Specific RS-232 cables are available separately for the connection of a computer, modem or other serial devices including the Inner Range GSM modem or Multipath IP STU.

Host Module Compatibility

The UniBus 2 Port UART is compatible with the following UniBus Host Modules:

UniBus 2 Port RS-232 or RS-485 UART
Module Features
  • Channel 1 - RS-232 Modem / RS-485 Port

  • Channel 2 - RS-232 Comm / RS-485 Port

  • DIP switch addressable module number 1, 2, 3 or 4

  • DIP switch selectable CH1/CH2 mode, RS-232 or RS-485

  • LED indication of CH1 & CH2 RX & TX activity

  • LED UniBus status indicator

  • 2 LED system status/fault indicators

  • UniBus loop-through connectors

  • Over-the-wire firmware upgradable

  • Inner Range “C” size footprint 94 x 94mm

  • Can be installed above other “C” size PCB’s**

  • A Snap off strip is included to allow installation above Inner Range “B” size PCB’s**

** 35mm standoff kit required - Part Number 999009

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