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UniBus 8 Zone Expander


The UniBus 8 Zone Expander connects to an Integriti Security Controller (ISC) or an 8 Zone LAN Expander via the UniBus Port. It provides an additional 8 Zone Inputs that support all Zone Types including Multistate and Counter types along with extra detector power supply connections (DET+) to simplify device wiring.

The UniBus 8 Zone Expander is designed for installation within the same tamper-protected enclosure as its UniBus host module. The UniBus device is connected directly to the host module or another UniBus device via the UniBus patch cable supplied.

Host Module Compatibility

The UniBus 8 Zone Expander is compatible with the following UniBus Host Modules:

UniBus 8 Zone Expander
Module Features
  • 8 Universal Zone Inputs

  • Support for Multistate EOL circuits

  • Support for counter type inputs

  • Programmable de-bounce times

  • DIP switch addressable first zone 1, 9, 17 or 25

  • UniBus loop-through connectors

  • 4 Way DET+ 13.75V outputs

  • 2 LED status/fault indicators

  • Surge protected inputs

  • Over-The-Wire firmware upgradable

  • Integriti “C” size footprint 94 x 94mm

  • Can be installed above other “C” size PCB’s**

  • A Snap off strip is included to allow installation above Integriti “B” size PCB’s*

* 35mm standoff kit required - Part Number 999009

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