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LAN Ethernet Bridge Module


The LAN Ethernet Bridge provides a secure, isolated connection of physically separate RS485 LAN segments over an Ethernet network for Inner Range systems. The electrical isolation achieved between the LAN segments also eliminates the potential for earth loops.

The LAN Ethernet Bridge is Installer configurable and employs 128-bit AES encryption for secure Ethernet communications. It enrols on the LAN as an RS485 LAN Module allowing status monitoring and reporting.

One or more LAN Ethernet Bridges are installed in remote locations to provide an interface between an Ethernet network and the local RS485 LAN segment. The Ethernet network provides the communication path between the Controller’s on-board Ethernet Port and the LAN Ethernet Bridge. An Ethernet Bridge is not required at the Controller end.

LAN Ethernet Bridge Module
Module Features
  • Compatible with Infiniti, Integriti and Inception

  • Does not require a master / slave configuration – Ethernet Bridge Module communicates directly with Controller

  • Up to 30 Ethernet Bridge Modules per Controller

  • Up to 30 RS-485 LAN modules downstream from Ethernet Bridge Module

  • Allows TCP or UDP connections

  • RS-485 expansion via IP infrastructure

  • Use existing IP Networks to save wiring time & costs

  • Allows for flexible system design

  • Remote configuration via Ethernet LAN Configuration Tool

  • Over-The-Wire firmware upgradeable

  • AES 128-Bit Encryption

  • External Inner Range power supply connection

  • Full monitoring of external Inner Range SMART power supply

  • Dedicated cabinet tamper input

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