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Intelligent LAN Access Module (ILAM)


The Intelligent LAN Access Module (ILAM) can be used to control and monitor up to 8 Doors or Lift cars on the Inner Range RS-485 LAN, or via IP LAN if connected using Ethernet Bridge or CLOE devices. The base module supports 2 doors/2 readers and is expandable up to 8 doors/8 readers with the simple addition of 2 Door expander boards via the UniBus in-cabinet expansion interface.

The Intelligent LAN Access Module offers a complete suite of  programmable options to provide advanced high-security access control, security area control and door alarm monitoring functions.

Offline intelligence is also provided via the on-board database to provide access control functionality and event logging even if communications to the master controller are severed. Upon reconnection, all buffered events and any programming changes are automatically synchronised with the main Controller.

The ILAM is also used for integration of wireless door locking systems from Assa Abloy Aperio, SimonsVoss or Salto Sallis.

Intelligent LAN Access Module with UniBus In-Cabinet Expansion

  • Up to 8 Doors

  • Up to 8 Wiegand readers or 16 SIFER RS-485 Readers

  • Up to 8 Lift cars

Intelligent LAN Access Module (ILAM)
Module Features
  • RS-485 LAN connectivity

  • RS-485 Reader connectivity (up to 16 SIFER or third party OSDP Readers)

  • Reader options to control Doors, Lifts, Areas and User Logon

  • Supports Wiegand card readers up to 88bits

  • Reader outputs with individual self-resetting overcurrent protection

  • UniBus in-cabinet expansion interface

  • Dedicated lock power input

  • External Inner Range power supply connection

  • Full monitoring of external Inner Range power supply

  • Heavy duty lock relays

  • Reader Valid & Invalid outputs

  • Door reed & tongue sense inputs per door

  • Door request to enter & exit inputs per door

  • DOTL relay outputs per door

  • Dedicated cabinet tamper input

  • Small PCB size 200 x 95mm

  • Over-The-Wire firmware upgradable

  • Built-in module locater buzzer

Doors, Expansion & Integration Options
  • Expandable to 8 Doors (2 Doors on-board)

  • Expandable to 16 Inner Range SIFER or third party OSDP RS-485 readers via the dedicated RS-485 reader port

  • Expandable to 8 Wiegand Readers (2 Readers on-board)

  • Five enclosure sizes allow 2, 4, 6 or 8 Door/Reader configurations

  • Three plug on external power supply options (2A, SMART 3A or SMART 8A Switch Mode)

  • Aperio, SimonsVoss, Salto Sallis integration - up to 8 Doors via RS-485 Reader port

  • Lift button I/O interfacing via optional UniBus Lift interface card (Up to 96 Floors)

Offline Intelligence
  • Offline intelligence provided for all Wiegand readers and standard lock outputs

  • Offline Access Control database for 100,000 users with Integriti and 10,000 users with Inception

  • Offline time periods

  • Offline event database of 100,000 events

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