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Weatherproof Keypad


The Weatherproof Keypad sports an incredibly robust design that is dust proof and highly water resistant. Rated to IP65, the solid aluminium case is stylish and vandal resistant.

Perfect for gate or door access control where the Keypad will be exposed to the environment. In addition to the single door/gate access control, users may also separately arm/disarm their alarm system or just their tenancy. Visible feedback of “valid/invalid PIN” and “area armed/disarmed status” is provided through the LEDs.

This wholly Inner Range solution does not require special user configuration (unlike previous solutions using third party products). All users have access to PIN code functionality, similar to that of a normal EliteX or PrismaX Keypad, but restricted to the connected door/area associated with the Keypad or user.

Weatherproof Keypad
Module Features

  • Attractive, rugged case is highly vandal resistant

  • Completely dust proof and highly water resistant IP65 rated case with no moving parts

  • Control one door per keypad

  • Control a security area associated with the door or user’s special area

  • Piezo effect push buttons with audible feedback

  • Easy to install

  • Displays login status and area status with “Code” and “Armed”

  • Keypad lockout feature if >3 or 10 incorrect logins in a row

  • Extendable flying leads provide option to house Reader Module in more sheltered location.

  • Reader Module PCB

  • Provides reed and tongue sense monitoring

  • Request to Enter (REN) and Request to Exit (REX) inputs provided

  • On-board lock relay

  • Fuse protection of keypad power

  • Available as PCB only to suit 3rd Party Keypads & Readers

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