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3Amp SMART Power Supply


The 3Amp 13.75V DC SMART power supply is a universal power supply which can be used wherever battery backed 12V supplies are required.

When used with an Inner Range system, the 3Amp SMART power Supply offers Quick-Connect status monitoring of critical power-related events such as Battery Fault, Low Battery, Battery Not Present, Battery Failed Test, AC Supply Failure, Supply Low Volts, Power Supply Failure and status monitoring of self-resetting, processor controlled Smart Fuses. It also features general purpose AC Fail & Battery Fail alarm outputs and a separate Battery Charger output with Deep Discharge Protection.

The 3Amp power supply boasts a highly reliable design that delivers exceptional stability when used with the recommended battery type and is also suitable for providing power to card readers including Proximity type reader heads.

General Purpose Use

The 3Amp power supply can also be used as a general purpose,

battery-backed, 13.75V DC supply to power legacy or 3rd party equipment via the plug-on screw terminals. It is extensively used to power Inner Range modules, detectors, readers and auxiliary devices such as strobes, sounders and locks.

3Amp SMART Power Supply
Power Supply Features
  • High-level monitoring of PSU status (with Inner Range modules)

  • Quick-Connect PSU interface (for Inner Range modules)

  • Separate battery charger output

  • Deep Discharge Battery protection

  • Battery reverse polarity protection

  • Smart Fuse protection

  • Universal low-level status outputs - AC Fail and Battery Fail

  • Low-level Trigger Battery Test input

  • Separate LAN+ & DET+ DC output connections (screw terminals)

  • 16V AC input (a 4Amp transformer is required)

Smart Features

The 3Amp SMART power supply is designed primarily for use as a battery backed supply for Inner Range modules supporting the 10-way Quick- Connect “External Power” bus connection, these modules include:

  • Standard LAN Access Module (SLAM)

  • Intelligent LAN Access Module (ILAM)

  • 8 Zone LAN Expander

  • Integriti Access Controller (IAC)

When used with these modules the 3Amp PSU offers Plug&Play Quick-Connect high-level status monitoring of critical power-related events such as:

  • Battery Fault

  • Low Battery

  • Battery Not Present

  • Battery Failed Test

  • AC Supply Failure

  • Supply Low Volts

  • Power Supply Failure

  • Status monitoring of self-resetting, processor controlled Smart Fuses

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