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Extra Small Enclosure


The Extra Small Enclosure is fabricated in the same robust style as the

Small, Medium & Extra Large Low Profile Enclosures. The Extra Small

Enclosure uses the same mounting plate as the current 995200 series

of Small Enclosure and is designed to house Inner Range LAN modules

that are either powered via the LAN or an external plug pack or 3rd

party power supply.

The Extra Small Enclosure is a versatile enclosure that will house a

range of small size PCB’s, and also provides an antenna mounting

solution for wireless products such as Multipath-IP T4000 Security


Extra Small Enclosure
Enclosure Features:
  • Robust metal enclosure

  • Mounting option for a 9Ah Lead Acid Battery

  • Low Profile design Size 252(L) x 263(W) x 85(D) (mm)

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