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UniBus 16 Floor Lift Interface


The UniBus 16-Floor Lift Interface module provides an efficient integration between the Inner Range system and a lift system. The UniBus Lift Interface utilises a low-level button feedback interface to the lift system and facilitates managed and secure floor access for users within multi-story buildings and apartment blocks. It incorporates input conditioning and switching to provide the isolation required between the two systems. 

Using a UniBus cable, the module connects directly to the host module or via another UniBus device.

Up to 6 UniBus 16-Floor Lift Interface modules can be connected to a single host module to provide access control for a single lift car servicing up to 96 floors. For sites with multiple lift cars each lift car requires its own host module and connected UniBus 16-Floor Lift Interface modules.

Host Module Compatibility

The UniBus 8 Relay Expander is compatible with the following UniBus Host Modules:

UniBus 16 Floor Lift Interface
Module Features
  • Low level with button feedback UniBus connectivity

  • Compatible with a range of Inner Range host modules

  • Manage 16 floors per device

  • Connect up to 6 devices per host module

  • Wide range of button input voltages

  • Button sense input per floor

  • Override input to allow free access mode

  • Isolation between lift and Inner Range system

  • Firmware upgrades over-the-wire

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