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Muster Point


The Inner Range Muster Point application is an Android smartphone app that allows security personnel to visually view and verify cardholder details with a simple scan of a user’s access card. The Muster Point can be used for on-the-spot identity verification, suspension of access rights and as a “check-in” reader for emergency mustering assembly points. (See page 21 for full details)

Muster Point Main Features:

User Identification & Location Check.

On presentation of a valid card, Muster Point displays the user photo, user location, card status and additional user and card information. The information displayed can be configured from the Integriti server to include any user properties, card properties and custom fields such as Employee ID, Student ID, and Department. Muster Point can be set to the specific location or area where the smartphone is located. 

When user information is displayed, the user’s location will be displayed in red if it does not match the device location. This allows security personnel to identify users who may have entered areas without authorisation.

Suspending Cards:

If a user doesn’t match the cardholder's photo, security personnel can immediately suspend the card from the Muster Point application. The suspended card will no longer provide access to any doors until reactivated from the Integriti server.

Emergency Muster: 

In the event of an emergency, Muster Point can be used as a “check-in” reader at an emergency mustering assembly point. The operator can select a muster point location and areas that are being evacuated. Multiple smartphones running Muster Point can be used collaboratively during an emergency evacuation.

As users present their cards at the “check-in” reader, their location is updated to the muster point. In muster mode, the app displays the number of users still inside the evacuation areas, the number of users at the muster point and the total number of users at all muster points. Muster Point provides a scrollable list of all users still inside an area or building as well as their last known location. Additionally, an operator can search for users by name to quickly determine their last known location. Access to this critical information provides emergency services with accurate information for a focused and timely response.

Muster Point
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