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Advanced Peer-to-Peer Functionality


Peer-to-Peer describes the communication functionality that exists directly between Controllers without any dependency upon the Integriti server. This provides superior levels of continued operation in the event that the Integriti server is offline. Peer-to-Peer functionality is used to deliver the following features:

Controller to Controller alarm reporting. 

Alarms may be routed from multiple Controllers to a single Controller that can report the alarms to a monitoring station.

Global anti-passback. 

Allows door anti-passback logic to span doors that are connected to two or more separate Controllers.

Cross-Controller logic mapping. 

Allows conditional logic to operate across inputs, outputs and system objects resident on two or more separate

Controllers. Option 1 is included as standard in all Integriti ISC/IAC Controller. Options 2 & 3 are enabled with the 996030 Advanced Peer-to-Peer licence in each


Advanced Peer-to-Peer Functionality
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