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Sine - Visitor Management Integration

Sine Visitor Management Integration - Integriti

The Sine Integration is designed to manage the access control side of the Visitor Management process by handling requests made from the Sine system, including generating Users for Visitors, assigning them Permissions based on their Host and creating credentials to be used readers and turnstiles throughout a designated site.

The Sine Integration also handles manual deprovision requests by suspending the credential associated with the visit, preventing the Visitor from accessing the site further, but preserving the associated User for future use as well as record keeping through Integriti’s Audit feature.

Sine - Visitor Management Integration


  • On a request from Sine, assigns a User to represent the Visitor of a Visit, either creating a new one or finding a User with a matching email address.

  • Assigns permissions to this User based on the provided Host, matched against an existing User’s email address.

  • Creates a credential based on a configured Card Template.


  • On this request, the Integration will activate the Credential given to the Visitor’s User, allowing access to the permissions assigned to them in the Provisioning process.


  • On this request, the Integration will suspend or delete the credential from the Visitor’s User, preventing them from further accessing the site or permissions assigned to them.

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