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Inception Controller


The Inception Controller is a powerful security system that brings together Intruder Detection, Access Control and Automation into one easy to use web based hardware solution.

With Inception, there is no need to install software on a computer, no need to leave a computer on site and no issues with software/firmware compatibility. Instead, the installation process is as simple as powering up the controller, connecting the network cable (or use the optional WiFi adapter) and using any web browser to navigate to Inception's web page. Here you will find everything you need to set-up, commission and operate the entire system.

End users can conveniently use any existing computer, tablet or smartphone to control their Inception system via the fully featured user interface.

As a standalone controller, Inception is truly flexible straight out of the box. For example, Inception's 8 universal inputs can be used to connect intruder detection devices such as PIRs and window sensors, or they can be used to connect access control sensors such as door reeds and door lock tongue sense devices.

Inception features 4 universal outputs which can be configured to control door locks, switch strobe lights and siren screamers or control other devices for automation purposes.

Inception also features an RS-485 OSDP reader bus, meaning that up to 8 Inner Range SIFER smart card readers, or 8 Wiegand readers via OSDP <> Wiegand converters, can be connected directly to the controller to provide card access for both in and out directions for all doors. All of this is possible without the need to add any additional hardware expansion modules to the system, however Inception's RS-485 LAN expansion port does allows for further expansion where


Inception Controller
Controller Features
  • Built-in web Interface

  • 8 x Universal Zone Inputs - expandable up to 1024

  • 4 x Auxiliary Relay Outputs - expandable up to 1024

  • Manage up to 4 Doors with the Controller – expandable up to 128

  • Manage up to 32 Lift Cars and 96 Lift Buttons

  • Connect up to 8 SIFER readers to the Controller - expandable up to 256

  • Connect up to 256 Wiegand readers via SLAM’s on the RS-485 LAN

  • RJ45 - 10/100 Ethernet Port

  • RS-485 Sub-LAN Port

  • RS-485 Reader-LAN Port

  • USB Port for connection of WiFi adapter & T4000 Alarm communicator

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