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Securing Residential Hi-Rises

Managers of residential Hi-Rise complexes are required to keep their facilities secure, while giving residents and guests the most convenient access to building facilities possible.

Integriti provides the perfect solution to centrally manage a wide array of complex subsystems from a single software interface.

High rise buildings

About Inner Range

Inner Range is a manufacturer of Unified Video, Access and Security Systems.
Security systems

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About Inner Range

Inner Range is a manufacturer of Unified Video, Access and Security Systems.
Security systems
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Our Professional solution is the most user-friendly unified video, access control and security product on the market. It is common for users to struggle with basic tasks such as replaying & recording video, administering users across the system or changing access control permissions, due to the complexity of options offered and the technical terminology used. Inner Range provides a single pane of glass as a window into the solution to make all of these requirements of the system a breeze.

The Inner Range Professional Solution utilizes the Inception platform which features a “Guided Tour” that walks end users through all the standard functionality of the system so they can drive our solution without training or any technical expertise."


This Professional solution provides a comprehensive dashboard that can be populated with users’ common operations, and only displays system events and status messages that are relevant to the individual therefore simplifying operation and driving efficiency.

Designed For End Users

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Integriti provides Customisable alarm and event filters that enable users to filter irrelevant system information and only view events that are relevant to the operators role. Operators can gain insightful information and ensure appropriate response to incidents as they occur in real time.

  • Events can be based on broad categories such as “Access” and “intruder areas armed”, or more granular categories such as the status of 3rd party integrations.

  • Important events can be highlighted with changing the colours or font to draw the operator’s attention.

  • A fully customisable alarm response system is also available which enables escalation of alarms to designated operators and tailored response plans for specific situations.

Actionable Information in Real Time

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Creating Users and Assigning user access permissions is the foundation of any access control system. Integriti provides an easy-to-use and incredibly flexible permission system that mandates which areas and under which conditions users are granted access.

Fred Taylor “Chief Security Officer “ Jones and Co:

“Integriti has dramatically transformed the way we manage our 5000 employees and contractors. Our previous system was a mess with thousands of different user type profiles and no way to practically standardize our user’s permissions. Now with Integriti, we have a simple yet structured permission system that gives us confidence we are protecting our staff and our company’s assets.”

Effortless User Management

Collins Arch - Featured Case Study

Collins Arch is a premium development which includes a mixture of Retail Space, Commercial Offices and Residential Apartments within multiple towers. The sophistication required in such an environment allowed Integriti to showcase what is made possible when utilising its advanced features and integration capabilities.

High rise condominium
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