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NBN Rollout Compatibility

Inner Range's security and access control equipment communicates to monitoring centres utilising audible tones (DTMF) or modem signals in addition to other means.

With the increasing rollout on National Broadband Network (NBN) infrastructure in Australia, some integrators and end-customers have asked “what this will mean for Inner Range security controllers (Concept and Integriti) and their ability to deliver alarms to monitoring centres.”

Inner Range products are designed, built and tested within Australia to comply with the relevant Australian telecommunications standards and regulations for analogue telephony equipment. This means that they are compatible with a correctly configured analogue voice (“Uni-V”) port on the NBN Network Termination Device (NTD) installed in the customer premises. ("Uni-V" port modems are only available to FTTP users) - (See links below)

Neither Inner Range or NBN Co configure the NTD’s. This is done by the retail service provider (RSP) and as such correct operation on any alarm panel (Including those produced by Inner Range) is largely in the hands of the RSP.

It’s the responsibility of the security integrator, installer or end customer to check with their Retail Service Provider (RSP) that they provide service to the Uni-V port, and that the port has sufficient battery backup in the case of a mains power failure. NBN also makes a number of recommendations to RSP's about the configuration of the Uni-V ports for alarm transmission, which Inner Range asks that users ensure their RSP will implement.

While NBN Co also indicates that a suitably configured VOIP solution can deliver alarms via the data (“Uni-D”) connection to the NTD, Inner Range cautions that, as the modem/routers provided by RSPs do not have battery backup, this solution should not be used as alarm alerts will not be delivered in the event of a mains power failure (e.g. the main switch to a building is turned off before a burglary). (Unless the customer has taken up the battery backed UNI-D port modem on offer from NBN.Co which is only available to FTTP users)

Inner Range is closely monitoring development of the NBN and liaising with NBN Co to ensure our products are compatible with the largest possible range of Retail Service Providers.

Inner Range has tested both Concept and Integriti products over the NBN using a number of different RSP’s and had success with Primus, Internode, iiNet, Telstra, Nextgen and Skymesh, however we cannot guarantee success at a particular site to a particular monitoring centre. If customers have difficulty reporting alarms after installation of NBN equipment we recommend the installation of a Multipath-IP T4000 STU to overcome these difficulties by using IP reporting.

* An external source is required to power the NTD, while a battery will supply power for a limited time during power outages. NBN Co will supply a battery during the rollout; however, the end users or their RSP will be responsible for maintenance and replacement of the battery. Source:


Published 8/8/2014 - The information and descriptions of products and services contained in this information sheet were correct at the time of publishing. Inner Range and all other parties aforementioned reserve the right to change product or service specifications without notice.

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