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It's Time to Migrate to Integriti
Concept End of Life (EOL) Timeline

Since 2012, Inner Range has been steadily increasing the capabilities of the Integriti platform; to make it one of the most capable and well-performing products in today's competitive market. From the beginning, we envisaged Integriti to not only be capable of solving the demands of the enterprise space, but to also offer a cost-effective migration path for our existing Concept / Insight customers.

Integriti is backwardly compatible with Concept/Insight and many customers, large and small, have already migrated from Concept/Insight to Integriti. Because of this compatibility, the migration to Integriti is easy, efficient and extremely cost effective. (a fraction of the cost of an entire product replacement)

Integriti’s vast feature set

  • Multi-Controller Architecture: Integriti has been designed from the ground up as a global system facilitating an IP based multi-controller architecture. Multi-site systems in the past had difficulty in co-ordinating programming across controllers. Integriti has no such problems and provides a single seamless interface to the end user but still yields the power of an underlying flexible topology.
  • Flexible User Access Permissions: Integriti has raised the benchmark in terms of providing incredibly flexible user access permissions. End-users are no longer forced to think about access permissions based on the restrictions of their access control system. Large numbers of doors and areas can be assigned directly to individual users or alternatively multiple lists and groups can be employed without restriction – all through an intuitive and easy to use graphical interface.
  • Global Audit Trail: Integriti software incorporates a forensic audit trail that tracks and time-stamps every programming change made in the system (not just the last change). The power of this audit trail is highlighted by the fact that programming changes can be rolled-back and re-created as they were at any time in the past. This provides peace of mind to the end-user from a security and liability perspective.
  • Feature Rich Solution: Built into the heart of Integriti is a complete suite of easy to use tools: operator administration, user permission management, basic and advanced reporting, photo ID card printing, schematic graphical maps, user qualifications (competency based access control), random drug/alcohol searching, powerful automation, SMS/email communications, alarm management and much more.
  • 3rd Party Integration: Integriti prides itself on its ability to integrate to 3rd party vendors such as CCTV, Building Management Systems, Lighting, Lifts, Fire, Biometrics, Visitor Management, Intercoms, Mobile Duress and Personnel Tracking systems and much more.

More on Integriti

Concept End of Life (EOL) Timeline

Over the last few years, Inner Range has experienced increasing difficulty sourcing the electrical components required to manufacture Concept 3000/4000. The architecture of Concept/Insight is now over two decades old, and its underlying technology is not economical to maintain in comparison to more modern platforms. It is under such circumstances that Inner Range proudly announces the EOL of the product to which we owe much of our success, the Concept 3000/4000.

We can guarantee that Concept will be available for the next 5 months, until the 2nd April 2019 (or later depending on stock levels).

Concept controllers, other Concept hardware modules and Insight software will all be end of life on the 2nd April 2019 however these products will continue to be supported for the prerequisite 5 years (including repairs).

We are now accepting last time buy orders via Central Security Distribution (CSD) for Australian customers. Please contact your CSD sales representative to discuss any requirements you may have on 1300 319 499.In other world regions please contact you local Inner Range distributor.

How to migrate

The Integriti software user import tool can be used to effectively migrate users from a Concept system to an Integriti system. Note: non user parts of the system may require some manual programming.

Download the Migration Guide

For complex migration requirements Inner Range can arrange a paid for professional service to perform a system migration for the majority of the system programming – this service is priced on a case by case basis. The migration service and quotations will be provided by the Inner Range technical support team.

Contact Inner Range Support

Thank you

Inner Range wishes to thank its installers and customers for many years of outstanding support for the Concept product. Many thousands have been installed around the globe and will undoubtedly continue to provide many years of service. Inner Range will continue to provide you with technical support and repair services to ensure that your existing Concept systems are well supported for the foreseeable future.

Additional Support

Inner Range will be running additional Integriti training courses to assist with the migration process. Further details and bookings for these courses will be published in the training pages of the Inner Range website from January 2019.

Inner Range Training

Which Concept Products are affected?

List of Concept Products Scheduled for EOL in April 2019

  • Concept 3000/4000 Controller – all versions
  • Concept Controller UART – all versions
  • Concept Universal Expander – all versions
  • Concept Mini Expander LAN module – all versions
  • Concept plug on daughter board expanders including:
    • Lift Interface card
    • Versatile Relay card
    • 16 Zone plug on expander card
    • 24 Auxiliary plug on expander card
    • 8 Auxiliary plug on expander card
  • Concept 2 door LAN modules including cached and standalone versions
  • Concept Intelligent 2 door LAN module
  • Concept Intelligent 4 door LAN module
  • Plug on door and reader expanders cards to suit Intelligent 2/4 door LAN Modules
  • Concept LAN power supply – all versions
  • Concept IR-Secure 40 Reader
  • Concept Prisma Keypad
  • Insight Professional & Express Dongles

List of Concept Products that will not be affected by the EOL plan

  • Additional licenses for existing Insight Software
  • Concept/Integriti single door LAN module
  • Concept/Integriti Weather Proof Terminal
  • Concept/Integriti/Inception - Paradox RF LAN Module
  • Concept/Integriti Analogue LAN Module
  • Concept/Integriti Temperature Sensor device
  • Concept/Integriti LAN over Ethernet device (CLOE)
  • Concept/Integriti/Inception LAN Isolator
  • Concept/Integriti/Inception Fibre Modems (Single & Multi-mode)
  • Surge diverters, AC, LAN & PSTN
  • Universal 10Amp Relay card strip
  • Universal 1Amp Relay card
  • LAN & Power Hub devices – all versions

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