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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Inner Range updates its comprehensive Cyber Security Strategy


Inner Range has formalised its numerous cyber security initiatives releasing an updated Cyber Security Statement and Product Hardening Guides. Senior Vice President Mark Cunnington states “Cyber security is clearly one of the major challenges facing organisations today and it is critical that Networked Security and Access Control systems are designed and installed to provide customers with the safest possible solution.” Inner Range’s multi-faceted cyber security program incorporates information security during all phases of the product development process with the use of independently accredited laboratories. It is important to recognise that cyber security is a constantly evolving threat. Inner Range has engaged the services of one of the world’s largest software services companies to develop a comprehensive cyber security governance program that will grow and evolve to meet current and future cyber security challenges.


You can read Inner Range’s full cyber security statement here


Cyber Security Statement


Cyber hardening guides are available from the technical downloads section of the Inner Range website or from the direct links below.


Integriti Hardening Guide     Inception Hardening Guide


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