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Inner Range introduces Enterprise Account Management team

Inner Range is proud to announce the introduction of its new Enterprise Account Management team which will further deliver extensive pre and post sales support to System Integrators and large end users of Inner Range products. This department will work closely with cross functional end user teams from facilities/security management, capital works and IT to ensure Inner Range and its dealer network deliver world class security installations. 

Enterprise projects require extensive pre sales planning and post sales support that can cover the 18 to 36 month lifecycle of large enterprise projects. This type of support cannot be delivered from a typical sales or technical support framework and thus Inner Range have created a dedicated team for this purpose.


This new Enterprise Account Management team has a very simple objective.

Work with integrators and end users to help them offer perfectly configured systems and best of class training and support”.

The structure of the new Enterprise Account Management team allows it to offer something which traditional post sales support teams cannot - executive level assistance. 

Josh Frindt who has recently been promoted to the position of Enterprise Account Manager is a perfect example of the calibre of staff which Inner Range will be placing in this team. Josh worked as the technical support and training manager for 10 years inside Inner Range and has an exceptional knowledge of all systems offered by Inner Range. These 10 years of experience, seeing first-hand the problems customers can face after installation, perfectly positions him to work closely with Integrators and End Users to ensure the best possible outcome to the satisfaction of the End User.

Josh believes that the biggest advantage that he offers is giving customers “accessibility to more communication”.

When asked what ways he can help, Josh answers, “I can facilitate things which are simply not accessible to integrators and end users such as when there is a integration between two manufacturers which is not working I can step in and get Inner Range and the other manufacturer working directly together to help resolve the problems. This stops the problem of an integrator having to go back and forwards between those manufacturers technical support lines”.

Josh also believes that access control systems are no longer simply a device that opens a door, they are an integral component within the complex systems which are commonplace in todays world. Josh says, “in the current environment, end user systems are evolving rapidly so they demand engagement from the manufacturer which is what my role is designed to facilitate”.  Josh goes on to say, “by engaging with integrators and their end users we can see how their operations are changing and develop products and services to help solve their problems”.


If you would like to know more details about the support offered by Inner Range please call the Australian head office on 03 9780 4300.


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