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Inner Range Integriti/Infiniti Integration with Hanwha Techwin

The Inner Range Integriti/Infiniti integration with Hanwha Techwin’s Network Video Recorders recently made its debut. This plug-in seamlessly ties the access control system with video surveillance to create an integrated solution for end users

The integration allows for events in one system to correspond to events in the other.  For example, when people present their credentials to a reader, the owner may want to record that event at a higher resolution and frame rate. Integriti/Infiniti would send messages to the Hanwha Techwin Wisenet NVRs that support 4K UHD resolution and multiple channels of video to complete that end user requirement.

As end users recreate past events, Inner Range provides the functionality through this plug-in with Hanwha Techwin. Additional features in the NVR activate on the direction of the Integriti/Infiniti events. Hanwha Techwin’s system provides technology, such as WiseStream compression, hallway view, and fisheye dewarping, that becomes useful to the Inner Range operator to rebuild the situation.

These video surveillance features, combined with the superior performance of Integriti and Infiniti, provide integrated video, access control, and intrusion. This complete system for security staff, operations, and facility management offers a positive experience for users.  “At Inner Range, we continue to work with integration partners that have like-minded development processes for quality solutions so that both the installation provided by the integrator as well as the experience of end-users are superior” Bob Dolan, ONVIF TSC chairman and Inner Range North American Business Director commented.

The integrated features provide extensive functionality and better user experiences for the administrators of implemented systems.  End users can see recorded or live images of events that occur within their monitored environment by integrating their video surveillance system with Inner Range’s Integriti or Infiniti solutions.


CCTV Functions

Hanwha Techwin

Stream Live CCTV Footage

Stream Custom Aspect Ratio

Pop-Up Live Streaming Video from Alarm/User Events in Real-Time

Associate Cameras with Entities (Doors, Users etc.)

Access Recorded Video Information Based on Review Events

Retrieve Number of Connected Cameras

Retrieve Camera Names

Control Physical PTZ Cameras

Control Digital Software PTZ Cameras

Send PTZ Cameras to Pre-Set Positions

Drag and Drop Cameras onto Floor Plans

Send Alarms or Events to the CCTV System

Receive Alarms or Events from the CCTV System

Control Playback Speed / Direction

Display Historic Video According to Adjustable Pre-Event Timer

Display CCTV System and Device Status

Categorised Review Records – Requires Integriti v18 or higher



For full details of the Hanwha Techwin integration contact Inner Range or your local distributor


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